Feeling good, getting stuff done

So far this year I’ve been on Seroquel (way too sedating), Latuda (side effects), weaned off oxcarbezapine, and started Vraylar back in April. I’m feeling SO much better now. Much less negatives, or more like brief episodes of it (days rather than weeks on end), and I actually feel like I can think! I have some issues with paranoid delusions trying to rear up still, but I’m able to think enough to stomp that out at the moment. I just finished coordinating with someone to do a job at my house and have it again tomorrow. But for the first time this year I feel like I can handle it all. Feeling good is good! Just wanted to share. Much love!


Glad you’re doing well @Kip-Kipper.


Wow! What an amazing thing to get the right med for you. I’m happy for you


Yea for me too my negative symptoms are a lot better on partial dopamine agonists Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar. I cant take Abilify or Rexulti anymore but I wish Vraylar was available here in Canada


I’m glad that you are feeling good @Kip-Kipper

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