Feeling good on rexulti

I take 4mg, and it has helped a lot with the paranoia and delusions. Does Anyone else take rexulti?


I take it abilify, which rexulti is related to (aripiprazole vs rexpiprazole). Have you been on abilify before? If so, how does rexulti compare to it?

I’m having some side effects and would like to know if rexulti is a better option.

I take rexulti currently and had previously been on abilify. Abilify didn’t work for my positive symptoms, rexulti has worked well to keep psychosis at bay.


I’ve never been on abilify, so i can’t really give a comparison. But rexulti has helped my psychosis a lot

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that’s cool. 

Very good to hear. With 20 mg abilify, I find my symptoms are almost totally gone, which is remarkable. Just the damn EPS.

I used to take one and it has a good result for me.