Has anyone had success with Rexulti?

Apparently its the successor to abilify since 2015. It is apparently somewhat related to abilify and risperidone. It is also good for schizophrenia with depression and high blood pressure.
(Src of info from pdoc and wikipedia)

Some reading material:

Has anyone been on it? From what Ive been reading it seems like a very good fit for me as i may have depression (or it could purely be neg symtoms) and my pulse is usually around 120-135.

Btw sorry for being crazy beans lately. My thread yesterday was weird. Im not thinking that way today.

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I take rexulti. I really need it. It helps a lot. When I don’t take it I have suicidal thoughts and gestures. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. I hope it works for you too.

edit: I also take saphris to go along with it

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I’m on 2mg now, been on it for 2 months.
Nothing like abilify, which I couldn’t sleep on at all.
It’s very good if you suffer from depression.
Since I’ve been on 2mg my paranoia has gone away.

It’s a strange med in how it acts.
.5mg was sedating, 1mg was stimulating and 2mg is pretty sedating as well.


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