Feeling emotions

i always thought it was the meds numbing me and maybe it was, to an extent. i got a book last year about restoring the breath to the natural deep breath (not forcing it by TRYING to take deep breaths)

but by first focusing on your breathing how it is, and noticing tension in either your throat, chest, abdomen or pelvic area and when you’re feeling tension, tensing it further for 10 seconds and then relaxing it deeply and leeting go of the tension.

I practised this today and it was amazing, i feel like i have a soul again, it felt my heart and it was burning with passion i was afraid of feeling it too much, then i felt my sadness and anxiety, but it was better than being dead and numb

I’ve had caffiene today, so it probably helps me feel a little bit more, but i didn’t feel any emotions at all until i followed the advice in the breathing book.

the book is called ’ the breathing book’ by donna farhi

i hope this helps someone as much as it’s helped me :slight_smile:


What meds are you on?

I’m on Abilify 15mg and don’t feel so numb. I did feel numb on seroquel. Also on 20mg Abilify I felt like a zombie.

I was extremely sensitive to caffeine when I was vaping now not so much. Do you use any nicotine?

i’m on risperidone 12mg daily. i’ve been discussing switching to abilify. I’m a little worried though, cause some people say that it made thier psychosis worse/ made them relapse

No, I don’t use any nicotine, but I am also extremely sensitive to caffiene

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Ok, best of luck with the switch to Abilify if you decide to go ahead with it.

@Wave uses risperidone and has added just 2mg Abilify to it and it’s helped his depression (and prolactin I think).

So maybe using both might be an option you could discuss with your psychiatrist.


thanks, yeah, maybe

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I’m on quetiapine and aripiprazole and I quit smoking

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