At times its killing me having no feelings

At times its killing me having no feelings :cry:

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Are you still going on the abilify shot? I’ve got feelings on abilify. They’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Lol.

I’m unsure about the Abilify as I’ve been on it in the past and I had zero feelings on that too. Really I need to be on injections like I am now as I have compliance problems so maybe if I change I think it would be best to try fluphenazine.

To be honest it could be the ecig killing my feelings as I know cigarettes do this to me, it’s just giving up the ecig that’s a problem as I can’t seem to go without it. The 5 previous medications have all killed my feelings, that I know for sure, so that has me kind of giving up hope of finding a med that doesn’t do it.

I wouldn’t say it’s the ecig. I use mine like a soother, constantly vaping. There’s no reports of that in the general population either.

I had feelings issues on 20mg abilify, but not 10. Maybe abilify maintena would be different.

Sorry things are like that for you, I know what it’s like.

After my very first episode I was on 1mg of respiridal then changed to 100mg seroquel and both of those killed my feelings. It’s hard to believe because there such low doses. I can say on the seroquel at that low dose I felt fine just the feelings not being there was getting me down.