Feeling down

I’m feeling incredibly depressed today. I’m trying to quit drinking and days I’m depressed I find it very hard to stay away from alcohol. I’m just tired of never feeling like doing anything. I constantly think that anything I can do is going to be boring or lame. So I just end up browsing on my phone for endless hours and getting nothing accomplished. Does anyone else feel this way? Or have something you do that keeps you interested?

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Meds make me a zombie unable to do anything

Yeah I feel the exact same way. I used to be extremely motivated and hardworking but now I just browse the web and watch Netflix most of the day. Trying to figure out what to do about this.


I just stare at my phone or laptop, usually browsing this forum. Sometimes, I go to some other websites, to help deal with the boredom.

I know what you mean about drinking, though. I crave a drink when I’m really bored or if I’m trying to numb my brain. I haven’t drank anything for a few weeks, though. It’s much easier, at the moment, because my husband hasn’t been drinking either, because he’s been dealing with chronic dizziness.

I’ve been trying to quit. I was starting to drink 15 beers a day. Now I’m not drinking anything but the cravings are there like every other day. I’d just drink because I was bored and drinking makes me feel happy. I feel like I’m never happy sober. I just am blah

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Yeah. Me too. I worked in a restaurant and was very good at it. I also landscaped and would walk up to 9 miles a day. Now I’ve gained 40lbs and don’t do ■■■■. It’s very frustrating. Does that ever go away or is this life now?

I have hope that if we try enough things it will go away. What have you tried? I guess the options are meds, exercise, improving sleep and diet. Also other treatments like TMS and ECT.

I’m an alcoholic, 7 years sober. I couldn’t quit drinking on my own and had to go to AA. I got lucky and they helped.


I’ve tried a bunch of antidepressants so far. Haven’t had much luck. The best was Wellbutrin but the side effect was I couldn’t sleep

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Everyone just left my house and I feel a little depressed.

Probably gonna go watch TV in the basement.

Hope U feel better.


My psychiatrist recommended AA. I don’t think I’m going to do it. I’ve never had much discipline attending group sessions

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I found that the shortest Road to feeling a bit better is physical exercise. I think of it like brushing my teeth now, I just do it every day. It’s not a miracle cure, but it helps lessen the depression

I’m sure there are other things you could try as well. 5-HTP has helped me as well it’s a shame the antidepressants don’t work

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I had a seizure behind Wellbutrin

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Yikes. It just kept me up all night

I was going to the gym everyday for a couple months but like everything I gave it up. It did kinda make me feel better. Maybe I’ll start working out again

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For sure, give it a go. Even if you don’t go all the time, it still gives you something to aim for

Exercise is one of those Surefire things, that anyone can benefit from

What else do you do to deal with the depression?

I paint or read or take pictures occasionally. Honestly I spend a lot of time laying down either in bed or outside on the porch swing. I don’t really do too much

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