Think of your brain as a newspaper

Think of all the information it can store.

So, I’m doing a lot better these days. Getting back to trusting my mind again. Feeling peace that I haven’t known in years. Still smoking to much, got nothing to do. Watched those symphony of science videos on youtube until they got dull. Still catchy and they set up a nice perspective. Don’t really have to much to say, but again boredom rules my life. Had a good weekend. Went to see my friends play music for Halloween. Glad that it has past. I’m not a big fan of holidays. Just wandering how you all are doing. Im learning to put schizophrenia behind me even though Im still experiencing the symptoms. No one wants to talk about it. The whole condition is just overlooked. Any case I’m getting back to being my old self. Still not quite what I once was but I’m doing better in social situations and I’m actually having a good time. Playing around with this telepathic ■■■■ that happens in my head. It fits with reality so well. Voices continue to sound more distant and quiet and they don’t really say much. Which is nice, they are tormentors any more its more like some secondary function of my brain, same with the telepathy. So tired of my sexual side. Thats been the largest battle, becoming completely unraveled, confused and obsessed and finding my way back to putting it out of my mind and becoming more normalized instead of making everything sexual. Ive never been very sexual on the surface its just and internal battle. Its old and not interesting. My focus is slowly changing to more appropriate things. Oh yeah I got a job.


Congrats on the job! What is it?

Delivering prescriptions for a pharmacy.



I’m glad you’re doing better! Do you think that the reason your telepathy voices have gotten more settled down is because you’re having less stress in your life right now? I always like to play around w the weird stuff I experience too…

I think that being able to “put it behind you” is a victory. Sorry that no one wants to talk about it though. Also I feel you on the sex drive thing. To be honest sometimes I just want to make mine go away completely. It’s a nuisance at this point.

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Good luck becoming a neuroscientist. I didn’t really mind the sexual stuff until all this telepathy nonsense. Now it seems completely inappropriate to think about. It is possible to eliminate. That is speaking from the experience I’ve already had. There is much more to life than sex all you’ve got to do is forgive yourself and change your focus. You seem cool Anna. A little crazy maybe but it’s not a bad thing probably makes you more interesting.

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Ha player->setspeed 10000

Or player->toggle status effect “schizophrenia”

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Many many congratulations Bryan. You mentioned the very good news at the end of your post. it was the most joyous surprise for me. I was reading it through and when I reached the line, there was your great news :slight_smile:

I am doing well. Just waiting for the response from two prospective jobs and hoping to hear from them this week. :confused:

Hope it works out for you.

Congratulations on the job. I couldn’t do a driving job again. Here in California the traffic is just too bad. If the traffic wasn’t so bad it would actually be a fun job.

Yeah I won’t be making tips but it’s so laid back. I hear it’s not on the weekdays but for now I’m only working Saturdays.

Yeah if only it were that easy.

It’s not only great that you got a job, but that it’s a job with real responsibility. Prescriptions are vital and can mean life or death to anyone. It shows that people can trust you and count on you. Great work!


mine is like page 3 of the sun newspaper in the u.k…lol
take care


Happy for you Bryan:)