Feeling bad. Self inflicted

I can only have 1 cup of coffee a day otherwise I feel bad. Yesterday I had 3 cups.

The problem is that I feel really really bored without extra coffee and the boredom eventually wears me down and I have extra coffee.

I had 2 cups today and will be back on 1 cup from tomorrow. Hopefully.

This disease sucks.


Why not have one cup of caffeinated coffee, and 2 cups decaf.


Hey ever. Sorry about your coffee circumstances. I have spoken to you before my tobacco induced anxiety. Is hard to deprive ourselves - I mean it is human nature. Hope you feel better soon buddy

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Yes, I drink decaff a lot.


sorry you’re feeling bad everhopeful. me too. life sucks when you have sz.


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i also been feeling bad couple of days, i hope you feel better.

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Sorry to hear that. I kinda the opposite. I feel bad in the mornings and usually have coffee to feel better. I’m not sure what’s causing the problem in the morning. Maybe it’s the Abilify from the night before or the diabetes med in the morning. I tried eating food this morning, and it didn’t help.

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