Feeling bad about my body

I’m i feel like my body just isn’t right. I feel like I’m supposed to look much different than I do. I feel like I’m not supposed to have certain parts of my body.

Idk if this is gender dysphoria, something to do with alters, or a delusion but I just hate how wrong I feel.

I’m sorry. I have never felt connected to my body. Even as a young child I’d be baffled staring at my hands like they were a costume.

It doesn’t help that I have taken so many different forms in my dreams. I don’t feel a connection to this one at all. It’s not reflective of what I am.


I feel like I’m not supposed to be human right now. When i get a bit dissociated I’ll just look at my hands for hours cause it’s just so foreign looking to me.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s experienced this. I just wish I felt more at home in this thing.


Yes that’s how it is all the time. I’m not meant to be human. (And a college aged girl at that?? What?? It’s just completely out of alignment) I’m not even meant to be HERE. It’s just a weird, trapped feeling. Yeah it’s cool to know someone else has felt the same. I just try to tell myself things are this way for a reason. Hopefully a very good one :rage:


I feel immense pain atm so overwhelming I don’t think it is possible to be human and have had so much ■■■■ thrown your way. If only it was paranoia and not real

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On a side note I used to be 83 lbs anorexia…hmmm.yup me and my body have issues but now I’m 125. I was one pathetically sick mtf

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I look at my scars on my wrist and remind myself that my husband broke down emotionally when he came home early from work years back. I crushed him…those scars remind me not to be self-righteous

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Sorry you’re feeling dysphoric. Remember, your body is a good body. If you feel like a boy, then your body is a boy body. If you feel like a girl, your body is a girl body. If you’re feeling somewhere else on the spectrum, then so is your body. Don’t let society’s standards make you hate your one and only body because it doesn’t match what they think it should look like. Easier said than done, I know, but hopefully this pep talk helps somewhat.


I thought some more. Who are you? You are a friend…yet I have never seen you. I like your posts and threads, but I have never met you. You have a good heart that can be felt by others. Who gives a crap “what you look like”. As I said I was so unhappy with myself, I withered away…was a bag of bones…me? No. So don’t judge yourself by the way you look to yourself because I find as a person, a friend like I’m sure many others are trying to convey to you :hugs:


Not recognizing a part of your body as “yours” is a symptom of MI. I seen it before here while lurking the site.

This feeling should be written down along with about how long you feel this way, if it comes and goes. Report this symptom to your pdoc.


I know just people keep referring to me as my birth gender and I hate it cause its dragging my attention to “why does this look like that” “why doesnt this curve right?”

And it’s like nobody is doing it to be mean but I can’t tell them to stop and it sucks.

But I think I’ve also just been struggling with dissociation cause I’ll look in the mirror and be like “who is that” it’s just so weird.

I wish I was a shapeshifter so I didn’t have to deal with this


I’ve felt this way for a very long time. It’s just been getting hard lately. Idk if it’s really a symptom though. Cause idk what’s causing it. It’s like even my body isn’t sure what the problem is.

Like part of me seems to think I’m not even supposed to have a human body. Another part of me feels like I need to be the opposite gender. Part of me feels like my right leg isn’t supposed to be there. Part of me feels like this body is just absolutely wrong.

And idk why. Like I think it’s more than gender dysphoria but idk what I can do.

sometime i feel like i want to hit my head many times in the wall to work properly
may god help you

I agree with this. I’ll always love you @Noise


When you say things such as “right leg” is not supposed to be there, - that is what I am refering to in my last post.

I have read post when people dont think an attached limb belongs there or does not belong to him/her. So that is why I believe it maybe part of MI.

I dont know much about gender dysphoria to have any useful information for you.

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Yeah I’ve had delusions about my legs before so I’m thinking it might be that again. Tbh the delusions were never very bad I just ended up going on walks A LOT to soothe those thoughts but still. I wish I could believe they’re supposed to be there.

Youre right I’ll talk about it with my doc.

Right, I’ll always love you, too, @Noise.


I feel like I’ve rejected my body for not being good enough. I used to care about clothes and how I looked, but ever since I gained all the weight, I’ve sorta given up on myself.

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I get these feelings a lot. My hands look freakishly small to me. My feet feel similarly. I look in the mirror and am baffled that this is me. I struggled for years with even accepting having a biologically female body. I just did not feel female at all. Only rarely do I enjoy looking at myself in a dress or wearing makeup or doing other traditional female things. I had an ex be very disappointed in the fact that training me how to walk in heels confidently and feel “pretty” wasn’t going to make me into the feminine girl he wanted. Sometimes I still desperately want to have a bio male body, sometimes I am comfortable with mine, sometimes I want a mix of male and female sex characteristics. Accepting myself is hard when I have never quite found a happy medium.

In my dreams, I have had many bodies. Male, female, in-between. Different faces, different frames. I was never seemingly happy with any of them. I think I struggle with existing as a human in general…

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I’ve had this problem, albeit to a lesser extent. I have gynecomastia (swollen breasts on a male) that didn’t go away when they said it would (Late adolescence) so that led to all kinds of dysphoria and uncomfortability around people.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this. It’s a crappy feeling to think your body is no good for whatever reason.

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