Feeling Ashamed

I feel ashamed for the weight I’ve gained. I know it was the Invega that caused me to gain so much weight so quickly but I feel terrible about it. Add to that, the demons are telling me it’s my fault that I’m this size and that I don’t deserve to live. I feel like I’m just a waste. :frowning: How can someone gain 40 pounds in 2 months, eating normally? It’s terrible.


Yeah I put on 20pounds in 2 months but I look leaner just got a bigger belly I want abs man but this increased appetite and lack of motivation is a killer

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i keep telling myself to exercise daily to work off the excess… but in reality i do all too little of it.

know how you feel.


i gained 40 pounds too… i also spontaneously chopped all my hair… so i hv really short messy hair.

You deserve to live. And you need to focus on what’s in front of you one step at a time. Step 1 is surviving the demons until your dosage can go up and your psychosis is under control again. Until then don’t be tricked by anything they say, do what you can to keep your chin up. Later on you will be on a less weight gaining med and maybe you’ll do something about it then. Just get through this.

I’m not ashamed for this at all.

And i’m ■■■■■■ fat as ■■■■ to.

It happened to me, i didn’t choose it.

I think weight gain on medication is an issue that has two sides. Over the past four years I’ve lost about twenty pounds, because I changed my diet and watched my food intake, but maybe that’s just me. I go to a psychiatric drop-in and some people are slim and others not. Feeling ashamed is a big concept. In another vein, a patient can wrongly feel shame over their illness.

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