Feeling anxious lately

I posted on here awhile back about hearing voices. I made several attempts to get this figured out and was told it’s stress. I’ve had times where I feel better, than I don’t feel as good again. Currently I’m struggling with nervousness and voices when I try to sleep. Some have mentioned hypnagogic, which is normal. Why would it last this long though? I occasionally get really weird dreams too. I wish I could get this figured out. I am about 40 so I don’t know if it’s something else.

Have you tried Clozapine? :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

No, I wasn’t diagnosed with anything. I was told sleep hallucinations can be normal. I’m concerned since it’s lasted this long.

Have you tried taking command over the voices.

Have you seen a Doctor?

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Hi, I went to a couple different places that treat mental health. Neither one did anything for me. I even tried inpatient.

What is the nervousness like, can you describe it?

The nervousness comes and goes. Sometimes it can last hours and other times it doesn’t last long.

OK, Tell me more, we’re looking for patterns.

Are you nervous about something specific, or a theme? What are some examples of the nervous thoughts and ideas?

Does the nervousness happen at the same time as the voices, or does one precede the other? What do the voices say?

I’ve been worried about psychosis or schizophrenia since I hear voices. That is what make me feel anxious. It usually happens when I try to rest. For example yesterday as I was laying down it sounded like I was thanking someone. Other times I hear more muffled sounds I can’t make out. I’ve heard what sounded like music coming out of a sleep. Sometimes it’s like I’m dreaming or something before I’m into a deep sleep.

Right so the good news is that SZ is extremely unlikely. Late-onset SZ is possible, but I’ve not heard of it happening much after age 35. Most SZ have onset around 18-21.

Some people have a mid-life crisis, or a mental breakdown and may develop psychosis, but this is usually triggered by drugs and/or alcohol.

The kinds of voices you are describing are at the low end of the spectrum. They are indistinct, non-threatening, non-commanding, and happen only close to sleep. Such disturbances are really really common, and as others have said can be triggered by stress.

There are some physical conditions (concussion, brain tumour, blood flow problems, etc.) that could trigger hearing voices, so I would recommend you speak to your GP. Most likely it is harmless, but it’s a good idea to get checked out.

The nervousness is easier to treat than the voices. I’d recommend daily mindfulness meditations. It’s just a way to practice calming your nerves, but it works for a lot of people. Hope this helps you to feel better :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information. The places I went to said it could be stress too. I’ll make an appointment with my doctor.

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