Feeling androgynous

I have no sense of womanhood except for motherhood which I tell myself is womanhood, but apparently there is supposed to be more to it than that. And I"m getting old so I really don’t care about the rest. I had a professor once say about androgyny and this is what has become of me at least he didn’t say it was pathological too. To paint my nails for isntance would be ridiculous. Good grief, anyone feel genderless at times?

Yep, it doesn’t matter which pronouns you use to describe me.

I don’t feel masculine as in being a man’s man but i’m not really feminine either.

Watch out, Im bisexual and prefer androgynous people :wink:

I usually dress androgynously, but that’s just because boy clothes are more comfy. I’m a bigger girl, so most girl clothes aren’t really flattering to me. I just wear loose t-shirts and jeans most of the time. But I still feel like a woman, I’m not actively trying to be androgynous, it’s just how I’m most comfortable dressing. Of course, if I’m doing a renaissance faire, that all goes out the window and I break out the corsets and gowns and frilly, flowy stuff!

I agree with Rowan that men’s clothes are more comfortable. I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans. I also wear men’s sneakers because I have wide feet and they’re more comfortable. Since I’ve been dating Jay though I have been dressing more feminine. I guess I want to impress him, but he doesn’t say anything when I dress androgynous. It’s great to have found someone who loves me for me. I’ve always dressed androgynous though. It was a problem when I was a teen and cut my hair short like Dolores from the Cranberries. I never considered that I would look like a boy. I got made fun of horribly. I dress a lot more feminine now that I’m older. I notice though that when my symptoms spike I can’t think straight enough to organize an outfit so I just throw whatever on. :sunny:

I like androgynous to some extent. When I was very slim I liked to be dressed like a cute boy by wearing tight jeans and T-shirts. I thought this style of dressing bursts the vitality of a person. Now as I am getting old and a little bit fat, I think the tight jeans and T-shirt combination doesn’t suit me any longer , because I don’t want to be dressed like a strong man with a wide waist. Now I wear elegant feminine suits and dresses.

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I am very uneasy with any traits of femininity in myself, but I try to be a caring person. Sometimes that feels like a clash in me.

I have always been a tomboy. Ever since I was born. I mix clothing from both sexes.

After sz hit, I pretty much do not favor any gender. Before that I was a fairly tough and narrow-minded.

I’m thinking this may be fairly common for everyone. I don’t always identify with myself as being feminine. Sometimes I feel masculine. Most of the time I’m just me with no thought to male or female characteristics. I just am.


This is me exactly - I do not ‘act’ feminine,but I do not care for macho either - I am what I am, no phony cover ups for me, I gave up macho in my 20’s and 30’s


I’m exactly that, I don’t act very feminine, although I have a longing to have children and babies make me feel all cooey and broody, I don’t flirt, I don’t have a sex drive, I don’t want to dress pretty, or draw attention to myself! I don’t like being female but nor do I want to be male. I read that sex is biology, so biologically I’m female but gender is created by society; I suppose I’m a gender all of my own as I don’t conform to what society tells me to do.

In the same boat… I’ve never been macho. I’m just not a macho guy. But I’m told I’m not that feminine either. I’m just me… in between the yin and the yang…


i think i;ve worn a dress or skirts when i was younger but once my situation became intolerable i haven’t worn them since. the last time i wore a dress was about seven years ago. i’m sad that i can’t access that side of myself. when i was a kids i use to like looking pretty. now, safety seems to come first subconsciously and it bothers me. i look old and like a stereotypical lesbian. short hair, jeans, trainers and baggy t-shirts. that bothers me as i’d ;ike to look feminine once in a while.