Do I have ot be so boyish? A confession

I think I’m what the gays call a bull ■■■■ although I’ve never tried anything. I got that way because my mother was like that. I have better influences now. Better late than never in trying to straighten up!

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You don’t have to conform to anybody’s ideas of what you are. If you now prefer being more feminine, then good for you.

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hi chordy, I wish you well in your search for a more pleasing “you” for yourself…I am wishing I wasn’t so overweight, and find it hard to “change” but I still am trying…don’t give up !

I feel so preoccupied with being marginally insane - I don’t feel like it really matters what I look like anymore (as long as I don’t look obviously disturbed or disheveled). If any dude addresses me with anything that might potentially lead to romantic insinuations - I just tell them that I have AIDS and am very busy with that

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It’s never to late chordy.
I wore only black boots, jeans and t-shirts until I was 48 years old. Found a guy that actually cared about how I dressed and thought he was kidding about wearing a skirt and sandals. Wore them only inside my house at first, then got comfortable in them and now wear them everywhere-and like them.
I get the skirts with the shorts underneath since I only look more like a lady, but still act like a tom boy.
Just have fun with the clothes you pick out and wear them as much as your comfortable. Every woman is beautiful, embrace it!

I was overweight for a long time and hated skirts riding up my fat legs. I still think that will happen even now. I do have 2 floor length skirts but rarely wear them.

Black boots, jeans and tee-shirts can be quite fetching. I’d say don’t buy into fashion. A great smile and and kind patience can out shine a dress and heels any day.

I dont like when girls dress super girly

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Dressing girly doesn’t have to include showing skin.
Sandals or dressy shoe with a slight heal looks nice. A nice shirt with a pretty neckline is good, especially if it shows off an unusual necklace. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive, I love to make my own with neat things I find on the ground-yes on the ground! shiny metals, pieces of wood, plastic things cut and shaped, even made a ring from left over scrap copper pipe,
Thing is, looking girly isn’t about being high maintenance and covering the self up with expensive things, that’s just for the fashion world to pick up your cash.
Looking nice is about enhancing what your born with, and it’s more about how you carry yourself.
Confidence is the best thing to wear.

I dress the way I wanted to as a kid + in my late teens in the early 70’s. Basically boy’s clothes. Never grew out of that. I feel I’m feminine enough as I am. I don’t feel safe in girly clothes. Wear what appeals to you.

to beautiful chordy,
i rate people by how kind they are, that is just me.
take care


do u think darksith is stylish? I suspect darksith is stylish…


my space ship matches my clothes !
take care


so - lots of silver and streamlined forms - it sounds stylish

actually more black, red, and a little silver to match my lightsaber , but you get the picture !
we can’t let those jedi have all the spot light !
take care

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What’s a jedi? I haven’t heard that one.

Most of my sister’s clothing is black and red. Lots of buckles and pockets for holding light sabers.

She might be in training to join you. I know she wants a :rocket:

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may the force be with her…
take cae

to beautiful chordy,
have you seen star wars ?
the good guys are the jedi knights,
the bad guys are the sith lords, thats my clan !
take care

No, I didn’t see star wars but I Googled light saber where I read about the Jedi. At the time of star wars, I was working in a children’s home and my room had no tv. But I was hearing that it was a very popular program.