Clarify me on this symptom please. Is this schizophrenic?

In fact I often experience something very painful outside and around people. Ill try to describe it as best as I can cause I would like to hear your opinion if its schizophrenic or some other symptom…
I feel some kind of energy who goes down to my feet with the fear that ill go mad outside… Its some kind of waves who go through my body who make me weak and mostly, I am afraid that ill go completely mad. My mother says if it was energy I would feel strong and energetic, so it could be more a lack of energy at the end, but its by waves… Can it be just a strong anxiety? lol. it will reassure me a bit if its just anxiety and not a schizophrenic symptom… But its real, very real…
Happy holidays people, love ya!!!

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That really sounds like anxiety to me. You have anxiety about your schizophrenia.

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You think? really? I am still not sure… but its invalidating, I cant function outside. but its good if its just anxiety. The proof is that the aps never worked on this for me. Ill talk about it to my doc. I guess my isolation made the things worse.

Dont have idea what to say …!!! Why dont u start CBT… i think my situation remain same all my life…pray to god he might listein to ur problem…

It sounds like anxiety to me too

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I also still am troubled by a sense of energy. It’s getting better. It was uncontrollable and I would get anxious because I assumed others could feel it.

Oh yeah darvodo… Me too I sometimes think that others can see it. I feel like I become blank and pale when I am like this, but my mom says that I look fine in those moments.
what helped you on this? what med if it was a med, darvodo?

I actually just started saying om over and over again to focus on something. Not even actively just in my head. Along with the breathing it centered me. I’m not to into yoga or any practice where it comes from. But it slowed down my thought process to such an extent. The last two days since I started have been great. I’ve been riding in a truck along side a driver for ups. I hope that this reputation of phrase will be usuful situations in life.
When I’ve been riding I feel a pull in my attention towards the driver like he’s trying to get my attention. I’ve come to accept that this isn’t possible so it’s been frustrating when moments like this happen. It can become a cycle for me.
But to wrap up it gives me a greater feeling of control!
I have been in the process of trying to be on the lowest dosage of medication recently, (risperdal) and some symptoms have grown.

Ok, I see. Ill try the om and zen thing :slight_smile: Me too I try to focus on something else but sometimes even this doesn’t help.
But do you think its some kind of anxiety? Cause its hard to live like this…


It helps me focus in on my own internal voice. I’ve found that there’s a voice that I control ad along with that there are subconscious thoughts that I can hear better when I’m repeating om. Maybe it’s just the vibration that helps me feel my surroundings.
I think it is anxiety that manifests itself. I’ve tried to interpret what it means or what to do next with it. The best solution I’ve found is for it to not exist and by bringing my focus onto something calming it has vanished. I’ve found myself bringing myself to calmness before I even get to a point of anxiety.

Perhaps take a benzo with you when you go outside, it may make you feel calmer and more confident. I don’t believe you will ‘go mad outside’ but having a benzo available in case things get too stressful could be reassuring. Maybe you already do this…

It sounds like anxiety to me too.

Negative symptoms sometimes have a physical aspect, waves of weakness seems like a good way of describing this phenomenon. With negative symptoms you may feel weak and impotent almost to a dizzying extent. It may feel bad or extremely difficult to pick up one foot to take a step forward.

Otherwise it could be low blood sugar or pressure. These conditions could make one feel very weak or dizzy.

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I know when my anxiety is bad I can physically feel it. It’s very uncomfortable and can even lead to vomiting.

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