Just hooked up my TV

I haven’t watched TV much in the last year even though I had one with basic cable. Well I moved recently and where I live now I get free cable. Well I turn it on tonight and realize there’s absolutely nothing on, there’s all these new shows that are just copycats of older shows. There’s really nothing on. The only thing I don’t get over here are the movie channels so that’s not an option, and that’s where all the good stuff is.

Guess I’ll settle for this documentary about world war one I’ve been watching for the last hour…they say it was a great war so I hear…

Ahhh…TV sucks.

Yep. I haven’t watched tv in many years. I will watch certain tv shows on the Internet but never regular tv.

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Happily watching Netflix right now. Part of the moving ritual for me is getting the media centre set up in the new home. I am a movie junkie. I need to watch less TV, but… (sigh)

In the meantime, I have Netflix back! w00t! :smiley:


I watch a lot of documentaries on youtube. I hardly ever watch TV anymore.

i don’t watch tv either. too many triggers.

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Sometimes when I’m suffering from emotional exhaustion I watch The Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Reba. Sometimes the game show network. That’s about all the TV I ever watch. I’d like to find more shows like these if anybody knows some.

Had an argument about my old neighbour about that show…

“You’ll love it, it has geek humour.”
“Do you understand the jokes?”
“Of course!”
“Then it’s not geek humour.”

She didn’t get it.


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