Feel Like I'm Annoying Pdoc

I emailed my doctor for the 3rd time in 2 weeks. She didn’t respond to the 2nd so idk if she got it.

I can’t afford my meds and my positives are not under control so I’d like to change before my next appointment. That way I know of it’s working before I see her again.

I’m just afraid if I email too much she’ll think I’m faking but today is a bad day as far as my thinking goes. I’d like to be under control and consistently clear headed.

I also feel like I may have posted this exact same post before. If so, I’m sorry. I can’t keep things strait today.

Why would she think that you’re fake?

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Idk why she’d think that. It’s just a fear I always have.

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I speak to my pdoc via whatsapp and sometimes when I have a bad patch (like this last week) I message him every other day. I get worried if I’m irritating him and almost want to apologise but he’s very patient with me.

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Sz is an urgent enough illness to be an annoying person with.

Call her, if she doesn´t answer go to the hospital and change doctor.

Take into consideration the longer you are in psychosis the more damage to your brain it does.

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She FINALLY called back. She’s changing my med but us checking to see which ones fit for me and are cheap enough. She was thinking Clozapine. I’ve never had that before.

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