Feel like hope is gone

I hope that I can hold a full-time job. However, it seems that I have avolition which makes it difficult to wake up to go to work. This kind of negative symptom may be treatment resistant. My mother is very upset about this.

I feel like I am very disabled, but there is nothing I can do about it.


I know how you feel. I suffer form avolition too, but i’ve been working very hard at it. I’ve failed many times in my attempts to be more proactive, but i refuse to give up no matter how many times i fall off the wagon. Don’t give up, no matter how hard it is. Maybe start off with a part-time job, just to get used to it, and then eye up a full time job. I personally have a full time job, but it requires an awful lot of my effort and attention to maintain it. It is the other aspects of my life that i fail at. Keep at it, things will improve for you.


I lack motivation a lot, too. It seems to be extremely hard to do the simplest things sometimes. Like taking a shower. I never would’ve thought that taking a shower would be a victory for me. But some days it is. It’s hard to deal with avolition. I don’t think the meds do much for it from what i’ve heard. @Sezbot241 has some good advice about getting a part time job and working up to full time. I think that’s a good idea. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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Thank you.

I am working part-time, Monday to Friday 1 to 5 pm. Though I work in the afternoon, everyday I struggle to get up and go to work.

The constant struggle reminds me that I have negative symptoms which make me unable to work full-time. I don’t know how I can improve tje situation.

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I have heard that the negative symptoms are more disabling than the positive ones. It’s good that you are able to work part-time. Are you in therapy? I don’t know if therapy would help or not.

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