I don't have energy to work

It’s so hard to work

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I don’t have the energy to work either.


That’s bad.,…

Me too 666/999 666/999

I can’t work either…

Work has aluded me for nearly 28 years. I consider myself retired at 45 lol.

It really is too much for me todo. No-one would have me anyway - and frankly i would be worse off financially.

Thankfully the DWP has agreed with me, with all my supporting evidence from the MH Teams.

With my avolition I can only paint on a rare good day (once in three or more months). Writing also rely on rare good days. I doubt I could hold a job. I’d skip so many days with depression or avolition. Oh this f***ing avolition kills me!!!

I don’t have much energy for work either. Plus I think it’s partially the loss of motivation part of negative symptoms of sz.

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Negative symptoms of demotivation hampers and makes it a struggle for me to work. I only manage part time hours, and that’s a huge ask.

I just hope I get lucky and I improve to an ability to work more. It’s the stress of having a mental illness that really stops you.

When you’re undiagnosed- you take it in your stride bc it’s the norm, however difficult it is.

I understand and appreciate if works not an option. It really isn’t worth risking relapses because of it - which WILL happen because of it.

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Add “energy” to the list of things I lack(but work anyways).

The list would read:
Social skills

Screw it, I work anyways.

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