I have hope

I have hope someday I can work again. I signed up for an indeed job searching app. I looked at jobs nearby I think I can do like cashier/ sales associate. Abilify has given me hope that maybe I can live a life close to normal.

I haven’t told my partner yet. She thinks I can’t do it because of the cognitive symptoms. My in laws don’t want me to work either because of they won’t get the rent money first day of the month


You gotta do what’s right for you. If you think you’re ready and you want to work, then go for it! It might make you feel really good, confident even.


You got this!!! I recently got back to work myself despite constant thoughts of never being able to do so again. It’s totally possible!

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Of course you can go back to work @cbbrown!
You’ve got this! :slightly_smiling_face:


I wish you a long and prosperous career
Hard work is good then you appreciate the weekend :smiley:

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You can do it. Do what is best for you…I also recently went back to work part time.

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