Fecal bacteriotherapy for schizophrenia?


How interesting. Does the fecal donor need to match the recipient? Would one need to take anti-fecalation meds the rest of their life? Such questions will require decades of research. I remain hopeful.


From what I’m reading the anti-fecelation meds have outstanding safety profiles.


I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to.


Are these articles peer reviewed?That’s what I had to read for my job for continuing education. Commercial articles always had a conflict of interest like a doctor getting paid a lot of money to promote something.


I couldn’t do the transplant. It would completely freak me out. But, I take probiotics and would be willing to add prebiotics


I suppose researchers have looked at the angle that most AP’s cause chronic constipatiom.


You must be responding to the wrong person or read my post incorrectly.


The original study is published in Science Advances which is peer reviewed.


Speaking of the chronic constipation, they did say other things might be a cause as well, such as homelessness and cigarette smoking.

They only had a sample of 5 people off APs (and like sixty something on.) While they didn’t find a huge difference between the unmedicated vs medicated, the sample size of unmedicated is small.


Yes, I’ve read it wrong @pob, no offence meant. :slight_smile:


I also read that this might. be used for weight loss. This might become a whole new way of viewing things medically.


Eat the poo poo. Lol!


ROFL, imagine being a pdoc and trying to recommend this solution to a patient with a straight face.


Patient: ‘You know what doc? I’m suddenly feeling a whole lot better. Well… gotta go!’


the suggested method here is clearly not the natural and intended solution to improving people gut health…lets just use common sense. Is this how the human body was meant to be healed? No… its just simply by taking care of our gut flora by diet and health the natural and normal way


Adolph Hitler practiced this kind of therapy. He actually ingested the fecal matter of a Bavarian peasant encased in a pill. It didn’t do him much good.


Microbiome analysis is available for a fee of 75 British pounds, at