Researchers find differences in gut microbiomes in people with schizophrenia


interesting… that and brain differences brings about a different lifestyle. possibly?

The bacterial gut stuff is so interesting to me. I dunno how to explain but it just is. How there’s more bacterial dna in us than human dna is also interesting. And the gut brain connection. This is all stuff I’d like to read about.

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Interesting! 7765433

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The researchers performed gene sequencing on the stool samples to isolate gut biome bacteria. They divided the bacteria they found into operational taxonomic units (OTUs). They report that out of 854 OTUs, they found 56 that appeared only in schizophrenia patients and 64 that appeared only in the control group. They also noted that the gut biomes of the schizophrenia patients had overall lower diversity than the control group.

Taking a closer look, the researchers found a smaller subset of bacteria that were clearly different between schizophrenia patients and those without the disorder. They report that when they introduced samples of the subset from the schizophrenia patients into the biomes of healthy mice, the mice displayed behavior changes.
The researchers claim that their results show that people with schizophrenia have differences in their gut biomes and that those differences may be associated with schizophrenia symptoms. Furthermore, they suggest that certain bacteria in the biome may be associated with schizophrenia-related symptoms due to interactions with microbiota gut-brain amino acids, and possibly lipid metabolic pathways.

Seems like possibly courses of antibiotics followed by repopulating the gut bacteria with bacteria from healthy people could be a future treatment.


I dont think i got the point they r talking about
I dont think it could be caused by gut microbes

They’re not saying that, but there are a lot of connections between the gut and brain. Awhile back I think they discovered one of the big reasons that the ketogenic diet works in epilepsy is that it changes gut bacteria.

I doubt this is going to cure anybody, but it might improve symptoms some.

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Me, too. And this seems like it might lead to treatment possibilities.

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Yea at least it might improve something somehow in people who have an unhealthy gut microbiome to shift it, if possible

I really hope this gets lots of funding. I’m guessing fecal transplants would be needed.

woah! interesting approach

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