Fecal bacteriotherapy for schizophrenia?


Hopeful, maybe this is the case for people born with the illness.

Schizophrenia triggered by substance abuse isn’t based on gut flora, though.

This interests me very much, after i had very bad responses to strong antibiotics twice (psychosis + severe gut problems) i wondered why. My psychiatrist mentioned the microbiome thing at the time too. So all of us need fecal transplants? :grimacing:

I’m not accepting anyone’s ■■■■ into my body :joy:

I’ll stay overweight and sleepy on my meds please


a) Disgusting.
b) I’d rather die in a psych ward.


That is an interesting avenue.

What does the implantation of the bacteria involve? Is it a surgical process, perhaps? Where varieties of bacteria which might be beneficial are isolated and introduced to the colon in some way. Are all donors carrying the beneficial types of bacteria in their microbiome, assuming they are not also schizophrenic, or have the desired varieties of bacteria in their colons?

How easy would it be to assess whether a sample would be beneficial or not?

I must reveal, I have little understanding of the process and have not fully read the article, in any case, the idea seems strange and unusual to me on the surface, and I think, cross referencing might be something which any critical reader might want to pursue.

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There is no way in H E L L I’m letting my doctor take someone else’s S H I T and put it up my ass.


This is just more ■■■■■■■■

A fecal transplant involves the recipient taking antibiotics to kill off undesirable bacteria, and then a fecal sample from a healthy donor is inserted into the intestine. I think it’s done something like a colonoscopy.

But it’s not clear if simply providing an antibiotic, followed by pro and prebiotics just taken orally might also work.

Prebiotics are food for the probiotics - different kinds of fiber. Apparently while prebiotics do often survive and make it to your intestine, they seem to have trouble colonizing. Combining the two seems to improve this a little.


LOL, ignorance is bliss!!! What immature reactions to such great research, reminds me of rednecks in the SouthPark series… They took our juuuuubbbsss… It’s not like you’ll be going to eat shit3 from another person. It’s a transplant into your colon to stabilize from whatever you suffer from.

I personally find this very interesting, my symptoms sometimes flare up after eating. Since the brain reacts to what you eat this makes perfect sence, since dopamine en serotonin is created in the gut not only in the brain.
On periods when I’m on a diet and losing weight I have weigh less symptoms when I’m watching what I’m eating instead of eating regular meals.


They process it and dry it out to where it doesn’t appear like - you know -. They are already doing the transplants for some illness, I Don’t know which.

The only reason I would not
have it would be possibly some danger on the horizfzon.

Yeah that’s still going to be a hard no for me. Besides, my meds are working fine. Why rock the boat?

Oh if i knew it was done correctly and had a chance of stopping my psychosis (without dangers) id easily receive a transplant.

I tried prebiotics and probiotics as well. I was happy and hyper for a few weeks (which might have been caused by other circumstances or my normal ups and downs) and fell back into my normal patterns after quitting. No miraculous healing yet.

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Don’t worry they won’t shove it up your mouth. Just where it’s needed to help you. If you’re against it, so be it my friend.

No one is saying to rock to boat while you’re happy. If you’re happy let it be as is.

tuuukuurduusp is the only thing I would like to add :joy::joy::joy:

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My understanding of the science is pretty poor but the article said that schizophrenic patients have decreased Microbiome diversity when compared with healthy controls. One relevant article went as far as to say “Together, our findings suggest that the SCZ Microbiome itself can alter neurochemistry and neurological function in ways that may be relevant to SCZ pathology”. They’ve also done studies of fecal transplants in sz mice that worked.

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I’m an OldSchizo and I’m very aware of The Law of Unintended Consequences. Such as nearly being killed by an A.P. (Clozaril + agranulocytosis). Currently the owner of a failed pacemaker. Spent the last couple months dealing with shortages of romaine lettuce because that darn fecal bateria shows up where it’s not supposed to. Shiznit can go sideways (quite literally, in this case).

If this fecal thing is proven out – maybe MAYBE – eventually. I won’t be in the “shut up and take my money” crowd, however.

In other news, I’ve had 2/3 of my positive symptoms wiped out in less than two weeks by something that isn’t used poop, so that’s the road I’ll be traveling.

So, your conclusion? Is this the right way to understand schizophrenia in a more perspective way or not?

You don’t have to enlighten me.

A new connection found everyday.

We should make a list.