Fear of the new


Do you have a fear of the new?

Fear of things going wrong
Fear of being trapped
Anxiety and paranoia planting worse case scenarios in the mind

I do. Fear is my master. He reins me in like no other can do.


Yes, I do have a fear of the new. I can picture 100 ways in which I will fail and I can hardly ever picture anyway in which I will succeed.

It’s a hard fear to over come. But once in a while, with help, I can make it. Then the next thing brings more fear.


I can if i metaphorically know where all the exits are and there are massive reassurances with safety contingencies .


Hi @firemonkey, fear and worries are with me every living hour. With paranoia, fear is a constant. I have so many different fears, I am worrying about small things most non SZ people do not even consider to be an issue. I blow things up and magnify everything. I do suffer form anxiety/panic on top of my sz/bipolar symptoms. I am sure I suffer from borderline traits on top of everything else. I am a mess so it seems


@Wave I find as one fear quietens another raises itself up like a spectre. Like you things that wouldn’t worry most others worry me.
Even when things turn out better than expected it fails to send a message to my brain to curb the anticipatory anxiety next time a new situation raises its head.


@firemonkey this is why therapy is not really so helpful for me and medications are more beneficial. My fears and anxiety/paranoia is hardwired into my brain, psychology plays a tiny role


absolutely i have my little routines that i do ever day to keep me sane. both me and my boyfriend dont like change and disruptions i think because the first part of my life was so chaotic ive had enough drama for a lifetime.


I think fear of the new/ unknown is so normal, but I am agonising over something now myself - my drivers licence test on the 10th June. It feels like all time leads up to that and afterwards there is no more days, time ends just there. I’m ■■■■ scared! It is so straightforward and my husband and sister-in-law say there’s nothing to be scared of, but I am still terrified. I don’t want to fail because then I have to go through the torture all over again. I just want the traffic dept off my case, I can drive (only automatic car), even though I’m technically still a learner, I’ve been driving for over a year over long distance as well as city driving.


Yes, I fear the new. I even hate to look over the board of a new Free Cell game and lose much more often that way. I don’t like to win anyway.


■■■■ fear…


“do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times i fell down and got up again”…nelson mandela.
take care


I made a little list this year.
Stop being so afraid was top of the list. Someone told me that I think everything is an emergency. I am starting to think I may have some undiagnosed stuff going on with anxiety. I am on meds for that, but still deal with little daily fears. The older I get, the more I feel it. I always tell myself about any situation that Im worried about----whats the worst thing that can happen? I could die. Well, that could happen anytime—at least go have some fun-take a chance!
This is funny to me: I am anxious about a driving trip Im taking to NJ alone. Whats funny is that I drove for 5 days from California all the way back to KY-alone-well with 2 cats in the car. This was only 3 years ago. Why afraid to drive 9 hours with out cats?:][


That made me smile. I’d most likely to be afraid to drive with cats. We tried to take our nieces cat to the vet as a favor, and that was a lot of work. I was sort of scared at how the cat was trying to bust out of the cage.


Most cats do not like being in a car or a cage. eeks-one day I`ll write a book about that trip!


I fear the new greatly, I fear of failing again, fear not knowing what I have to face, my mum says I’ve been to hell, I won’t go there ever again but that doesn’t stop the similarities at times. Sometimes I embrace new; like I’m changing my degree path because my current one makes me miserable as anything. But fear like getting out in the world, becoming independent, losing my parents, being alone forever, dying because I don’t know what to do otherwise.

Sometimes just getting out of bed is enough to cripple me but more than often
I will get up. It’s the only way I know I’ll move forward. I fear leaving the house but I’m making efforts to get out, I go to two art classes a week one for people like us and the other not, I also go to appointments and I walk the dog every afternoon. If I didn’t leave the house there’s no way of making my future.

Little steps. I think exposure therapy is the only way to get used to the new and even when you are used to it, there will still be some fear, it’s only natural.

Take care,