Fear of negatives and depression

So I spent some good 4-5 in mania with psychosis and now have been a month medicated… I don’t feel depression just yet but I have this morbid fear I will go back to where I was prior to the mania (which was reaaaallly bad)…

Please I need suggestions how to deal with this… Should I try sarcosine or smth

Try Wellbutrin. Its an AD but also may help negatives according to my pdoc. I was on it for 6 weeks, it improved my negatives a bit and gave me back my emotions but it made my positives slightly worse and had insomnia.

It also made me irritable but everyone reacts differently to the same med. Maybe you won’t have any side effects. Some members here are on it and they have no side effects.

Well I tried some ads on my previous meds and didn’t really felt anything… I am also not very keen on more medications due to the cognitive problems and other side effects… I will consider it tho

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Wellbutrin is a special AD in that its the only one working on dopamine and not on serotonin. It can actually improve cognition. Anyways if you don’t want more meds I understand.

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Thats why my pdoc thought its good for negative and cognitive symptoms.

Sarcosine only gives me a very slight bump. I keep busy all the time. I mean really busy to the point where people around me get tired from watching me. Make yourself a moving target for this illness that is harder for it to hit. When you’re sitting around doing nothing your mind will loop back to the bad things over and over, making yourself sicker.

Walk, ride a bike, skateboard, cook, read, do a hobby, volunteer, go to church, etc. Whatever tickles your pickle. This will give you a real boost and allow you to function on a lower dose of meds than you would need if you spent the day in bed.

Also? Eat as healthy as you can and exercise as regularly as you can - both are proven to help with pretty much every mental health issue.


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In this case I’ll ask my pdoc about it

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