Fear of having another panic attack

For about 2 days i have not going through a panic attack which is a good record for me. Taking buspar and a low dose of clonazepam about .25mg might increase it to 0.5mg. Try not to overstress myself during the day. And i also try to sleep early and take my night meds at 5p. In the morning i’m ok , i exercise at the local gym and eat a breakfast sandwich and a mocha frappe in the morning. What i find stress inducing is being stuck in traffic when going through an anxiety attack and not being in the safe confines of my room. Hopefully i can wait it out to 5p before i get a panic attack anything earlier is too early for me.

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Good for you for keeping active. I’m really impressed! I hope you record here last even longer.

I know that feeling.

When I’m stressed driving, my body releases cortisol, and I feel is rushing through my body.

It’s no joke, it’s an actual experience.

I take my AP and klonopin right after the gym, so I don’t start getting anxiety and controls the voices.

The gym is very activating for my brain.

That’s why I’m afraid of exercise.

I assembled a lamp the other day and the voices were pecking at me the whole time. When I focus on a physical tsk my mind seems to do all it can to entertain itself.

At least when I’m delusional. Which is still a lot of the time. That particular morning I can remember who I was thinking about but we had a lengthy conversation.

Were you delusional today?

I get locked into focusing on the hallucinations. After 5 minutes of exposure I get pretty convinced it’s real.

Then I get away from stimuli and don’t think about it as much. Then it goes into this iffy state.

If I can eliminate the hallucinations with enough time I could probably fully believe it’s not real, but I’d still have to trick myself into it I’m guessing.

I’m sure if my thinking ever goes erratic the symptoms will return until I reenter the not hallucinatory state.

The experience just is what it is. Real or not I won’t feel comfortable unless I can control it or make it go away. I’m getting better at both.

It will be interesting to see your progress.

Will keep a steady report going on here.

You can look back at my post history and see how bad it was.

That’s why I like this site. It’s allowed me to document the whole progression. While also reflecting my ability to communicate and dispositions the whole time.

I might go back and read it someday.

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