Fear of dying in my sleep, why im i feeling this way

Im having thoughts again of dying my sleep, im scared to death, im praying i wont die in my sleep, i know its a delusion but i cant shake it off my mind. I need some help. Anyone have any advice to change this negative thought. Im i curse for life for my sins, is this karma coming back to haunt me.

How do you think you’re going to die in your sleep? Do you have a physical health condition?

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no not really, i just a have feeling i do just all. I told my therapist about it.

I highly doubt you’re going to die in your sleep. You’re fine.

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yea thanks appreciate your support but i cant shake off the feeling im going to die in my sleep, its like its taunting me. Like it wants me to die or something. I hate it.

Dying in my sleep is exactly how I want to go. Just peacefully pass away. There is nothing to fear about dying in your sleep, what I fear is dying from a horrible painful protracted disease.

that doesnt help, that actually makes it worse.

I don’t know I have any suggestions because I kinda deal with the same thing. So I lend my empathy. I actually never thought of it being in the delusional realm, but you’re right. I guess like any delusion, trying to reality check is the first step and it sounds like you’ve done that because you acknowledge not having a condition that could/would cause such a thing to happen. I don’t feel I’m being helpful…

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I think lying down to sleep is an analogy for death. Who knows maybe in the cosmic scheme of things the natural body cycle reflects the cycle life takes in the universe. Certainly there are some analogous things that happen in sleep as in death, you lose consciousness, your heart and breathing slows down (in death it completely slows down), it happens at the end of the day usually and death happens at the end of life, you lie down, etc.

so maybe death is just part of a cosmic cycle that is mirrored in life as sleep.

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