Fatty liver

I have just been diagnosed with fatty liver due to the medication I take. Does anyone else have this problem??

how did they discover that you have a fatty liver? I wouldn’t know about myself…I know my doctor is making me take Niacin 500 mg a day for triglycerides in my blood…that and a low dose aspirin per day.

They keep an eye on my blood tests every month because I take Clozapine. An ultrasound confirmed it.

I haven’t had it checked, but I probably have a fatty liver due to all the drinking I did while I was on antipsychotics. I probably damaged a few other organs too.

Do the Forks over Knives diet. Or a plant based reboot like in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. It will slowly unfatten your liver.

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I’ve also been told I have a fatty liver after a scan because of my liver function blood results, but they didn’t seem to think it was particularly concerning

Yes I’ve had it before.

Is it reversible? I have a doctors appointment next week to talk about the results but I have been worrying about it.

I wish I had the willpower to do those diets. :sunny:

It’s reversible. Do the diet I suggested. The main problem is sugar, which causes your body to take on fat. There are other things that contribute as well. Meat doesn’t help either.

What would you struggle with most about them?

I struggle with anything restrictive. Tell me I can’t have it and I want it all the more. I do better with moderation. I’m in Overeaters Anonymous and my diet is 3 meals and two snacks a day and don’t eat after 10pm. As time goes on you learn how to eat. Good luck :sunny:

I am similar in a way. I like to eat and I can’t just eat less inherently. I will lose willpower. The nice thing about a plant-based diet, or the Forks over Knives diet, is that I can eat as much as I want as long as it’s plants. The other thing is I’m just trying it for a month, with no strings attached. But I do like it and I’ll probably gradually phase into it over the years.

Still, I understand about not liking being told not to eat a specific food.

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Has anyone tried milk thistle tablets?