I have fatty liver disease

Just got the results back from an ultrasound. Have to check my bloodwork in two weeks than maybe an MRI. I know @Wave had a similar situation.


sorry to hear that Bowens but on the bright side it is def reversible…i have had it and it is gone now :smiley:



Thanks. DId you have to do anything in particular to reverse it? Lose weight, etc?

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IDK really, but I did eat less ultra processed at that point when they told me…that may help, def ask a nutritionist for the details though

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Did they rate yours? Mine is moderate and Drs said to not worry. Though if it becomes severe it might cause issues. Anyways I have lost 23lb and brought my cholesterol and blood pressure to very low levels.


Hi @Bowens maybe you should go see a nutritionist.
I just saw my nutritionist she’s also an MD and she gave me a diet plan to follow.
I’m going on a strict diet because she said that fatty liver can sometimes lead to liver failure.

I have to lose lots of weight and my ultrasound shows a fatty deposit on my liver by my gallbladder that could indicate that I may have a lesion (tumor) underneath this fatty area because the shape is well rounded.

Fatty liver is treated through going on a healthy diet of lower carbs and by eating anti inflammatory foods.

Following the Mediterranean diet is ideal.

I have to get another ultrasound in 3 months to make sure things are stable.

I’m also going for a blood test next week.

Exercise like walking helps too.

Good luck @Bowens

@Aziz @anon78876561


Good for you Aziz :smiley:. No they didn’t give me any kind of rating. I’ll probably know more when I talk to my doctor in person in a couple weeks. just got a phone call from the nurse.


Thanks @Wave . for both the advice and the wishing of luck.

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oh…and I almost forgot…Good luck to you as well

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Thanks @Bowens :slightly_smiling_face:

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