Fasting saved me money this month

Usually I have no food left to eat at the end of the month but now I do have a lot of food and my food stamps lasted me way longer . Think I’ma keep fasting and buying food that doesn’t expire but still healthy like black beans and tuna cans cabbage carrots and storing em for future use. Since I only eat once a day since I want to live untill I’m 80 years old or more hehe


did fasting mess with your head at all?

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I don’t think it messed with my head I feel like I can think clearer tho. Its easy for me to fast since I got no job or go to school all I focus on is fasting

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it kinda gets me going in a bad place at first. then its ok. but you say you are going to school? takes quite a bit of energy. do you juice when you fast? that makes it tolerable for me.

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That’s good man. It shows control and self discipline. Just be careful and don’t over do it.