Fasting for health and spiritual development

So I’d like to try fasting every other day. Calorie restriction is one of the few clinically proven methods to extend life, perhaps the only one, certainly it is the one with the most evidence behind it. It is also good for spiritual development. My concern is how it will affect my mental health. I’m therefor going to try it for a week, starting tomorrow, and see how it goes. I will eat as much as I like every other day, and not eat until it gets dark on the alternate days. Hopefully my mental health will stand up. Thank you.

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I’ve not been eating much, i have likened it to fasting, i eat less now and drink less, its like i don’t need it, before i would eat for the sake of eating, now i think i am listening to my body and of its needs and not its wants.

I am going on a natural smoothie diet but in the mornings I will always eat cashews too, I don’t want to crave fat that is why.

it is very good for u


gives the body time to move from the digestive system to redirect energy to cleansing the body of debris and malfunctioning micro bits and pieces or even work on macro bits and pieces idk how far that goes

I have pulsatile tinnitus I am concerned it is due to stenosis so I need to be very cautious

(today I had pizza and crepes :frowning:
it is a very difficult journey) but my diet starts tomorrow if
all goes to plan


Fasting is good for health. I’ve skipped meals like breakfast or dinner before but I don’t think it helped me much or at all.

Sorry but i dont believe fasting is good for health. A balanced diet with the recommended calories is what people need. Some one , once told me, if your on a diet - dont skip breakfast.

Im no nutrionist - but starving yourself of calories, doesnt sound like a good idea.

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Hundreds of animal studies and scores of human clinical trials have shown that intermittent fasting can lead to improvements in health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers and neurological disorders. The evidence is less clear for lifespan effects.27 Feb 2020

source: nia(dot)nih(dot)gov

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I dont think i am starving myself i just feel like i have cut down a bit, my body does not need it atm, maybe if i was more active i’d need more energy from food but for now, for whatever reason my body is telling me i do not need as much.

I do want to drink a bit more though, i think water and not sugary drinks all the time is essential, more essential than food, i try and drink clean water but there is so much sugar in everything and i worry about that.


I think fasting in moderation is fine. Not unhealthy.

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I stand corrected. My opinion is probably scewed because i struggle to keep wieght on. Just the thought of staving yourself - does not sound like a good idea to me.


Fasting is good: since 7 p.m. until 10 a.m. only three times a week. 15 hours without food. This is good for health.

i think you have proper concerns, people can starve sometimes with different eating illnesses like anorexia or bulemia and these are horrendous,

I think its more about finding a good balance, my balance has been interupted during this lockdown, my daily average on my exercise app has halved and maybe this is why my balance needs to be adjusted,

that being said others may say i am depressed and i am a little, it is hard and that can affect the appetite too, i dont know for sure, but all i know is if i really need to eat then the survival instinct will kick in and i will eat, i’m going to grab a drink of water lol


That’s certainly understandable. My opinion comes from my religious upbringing though where fasting in moderation is practiced.

I’m not a doctor yet I don’t see that skipping a meal once in a while would hurt most people. I think your case Seth is different though.
@Resilient1. I don’t think anyone with an eating disorder should fast ever.
@Greenmind. What kind of things do you eat cause you’re the perfect size and your skin is just gorgeous? You just look incredibly healthy.


Soo kind of you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I don’t do the fasting regularly but when i do, i eat fruit (i read that one simple fruit in fasting don’t “destroy” the fasting. The doctor Shinya made a book about this 15 hours fasting i’m talking about.

In a day i eat all bran flakes with water, fruit, bread, cheese and a proper lunch (meat or fish and carbo hidrates). My dinner is soup, an egg and fruit.

I also put a good blush in my face! :smiley:

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The problem with fasting is that people forget the word "intermittent " and want to spend days fasting. The best way to do fasting properly is by choosing one day a week to fast.

Done correctly, fasting is good for you. Done incorrectly it can kill you at worst.


Counting Calories is a Problem That Needs to Be Erased

Remember Fellow Posters, Putting a Number in Your Mind is a Recipe For Failure

Remember Less is More

Smaller Portions And Healthier Choices

If a Hunger Craving Strikes, Fill Up With Veggie Shakes, & Fruit Drinks

You Don’t Have to Worry About Those Types of Calories,

Listen to Your Body And Keep On Being That Strong Inner Spiritual Soldier You Can Become… . … :100:

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I just walked a good 5km and ran a little bit too, something made me to forget the time as i needed to pick up my meds so i had to run and got there just in time then did some shopping,

I just had a bowl of weetabix in milk :slight_smile: so i will see how long it will last and i have a glass of water, fibre is good i guess, i’ll have a snack if i need it later.

proper fasting can last a while, its all to do with moderation, Easter is a good time to fast, i think it is a time for it, that is not why i am fasting though, it just coincided with it.
its not starving yourself, its cutting down, basically its dieting, i dont think i am intentionally fasting or dieting though, its just happened.

People with eating disorders should not fast


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