Family Scapegoat

Whenever my brother does something wrong or selfish, and there is tension stirred up in our family.

Blame can never be placed on my brother so fingers start getting pointed at me, the family scapegoat.

This is what happens when your brother and father are both grade A Narcissists.

There has to be a scapegoat and that would be me.


Ok. I’ve noticed that your attitude towards your family changes when you’re not doing so well.

Are you still lowering your meds?


Yes I’m at the 500mg mark of Depakote.
I’m in the process of coming off it completely as per my doctors order.

But I’m tapering down very slowly.

No what I’m saying about my father and brother are true.

My brother stopped talking to us for more than a month and when I communicate my concerns over this, I’m the one they both blame.

My brother can do no wrong.

He is just being a selfish jerk.

But thanks @everhopeful im pretty stable.

If anything I’m more in touch with my emotions.

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you know the one thing you can do is kill him with kindness. make him bag you to not tell on him when he lies about what you recorded …hint hint.

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Yes but for now I plan on not contacting him.
All he does is ignore our calls and texts to him anyway.

He usually isolates from us when he is facing problems of some sort.

But truth be told I did call him ridiculous in a text message to him.

Thanks @DrZen

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