Anyone else a Scapegoat of their family?

Anyone else the Scapegoat?
You know when things get bad the other family members start kicking you around.
I’m the official schizophrenic punching bag of the family.
Today I didn’t put up with it.
Enough is Enough.


I have thought I am s easy target.

My brothers and sister think they are superior to me and sister has been so stuck up and horrid attacking me .

I have had delusions about them but I stil love them.

Hope we will get respect and better behaviour.


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Yes sometimes. I strongly put my foot down a while back and addressed this issue. I withdrew and did not speak with them for about 2 months.

I have gone back. They do say never go back. But I simply can’t do that personally. Hopefully it has changed. If it begins to happen again i can nip it in the bud.

Look out for he behaviour of them not wanting to take responsibility for their own actions before they can shift it onto you. That way you can get out of dodge before they put it on you.


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My 2 brothers and sisters all have University Degrees…

I’m kind of the black sheep in that I don’t. But Mom always told me I had more common sense than all of them put together! :wink:

There’s no outcast in our family though. We all knuckle down during the tough moments and support each other… and all celebrate the great moments together in our lives.


I used to be the scapegoat.
As a teenager, I was emotional and disobedient, defiant even. I felt like everyone was against me and that I was the least favorite.
As a young adult, I calmed down, but started using drugs.

Now that I’ve worked harder to mend the relationships and I’ve stopped using drugs and accepted that I needed help, I don’t feel left out anymore.
I guess it also helps that I rarely get to see my family, so when I do, we make sure to appreciate each other


Don’t get me wrong, my family is loving as well.
It’s just that yesterday three family members were in a shitty mood, so they decided to take it out on me.

They later apologized - but still.
I fought back.


I never really let myself be the scapegoat, but I’m the punching bag for my efforts. They’ve never really believed me on much of anything and always stick up for each other. Just always been the black sheep because nobody I know in person understands me, anymore. I don’t even understand me, but I fight through the stuff day and night, for whatever reason.

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I specialized in making my family frightened and miserable when I was a teen, but I was never the scapegoat. I guess we had a real enemy in my dad and his new wife for that role.


My brother was the scapegoat when I was little. I felt bad for him. He did do a lot of bad things, but I don’t think he deserved to get treated worse than me.


I had the same problem of being the scapegoat. After decades of this crap, I said Bye Bye.
No more contacts with family started right then. I was tired of dealing with this immature behavior of others.

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Yeh and been the scapegoat of therapists too…

She was badly hurt very badly and decided to take out on me… an easy target.

Wanted me as a replacement for her hubby… I refuse

So she starts telling people about my illness

Sounds like paranoia I know but it’s true

Now I have to move out of the area.

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Yep. Can’t really help it thought because I don’t fight back, and if I do I’m angry and I yell so it’s even more perfect for them to continue yelling.

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I find it hard to fight back , because in the back of my mind is the thought ‘what can they do to me?’ They can hurt me a lot if they want.

There are so many people I’d love to say to ‘■■■■ off and die,’ but my illness makes me so ■■■■■■■ insecure, and rightly so I think.


I’m tired goodnight.


Sometimes, but ‘luckily’ everyone in my family has problems (mother low functioning sz, grandmother dementia, sister wanna-be gangster).


I was the official lesbian scapegoat of my family all of my life. I didn’t garner they’re favor until I decided to become celibate (and I didn’t do it for them). I was never a scapegoat for my sza condition because they never would believe that I had sza.


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