False diagnosis of psychosis

So yeah I’m a teenager who was falsely diagnosed with psychosis 3 months ago at a psych ward. They did a couple psychological tests (PAI and Rorschach) as well as motor skills testing (Beery VMI, etc.)

The psychiatrist who diagnosed me called my beliefs of my parents murdering me, drugging me, etc. delusions for no reason.

Also, she used ”me being delusional” as a reason why I couldn’t leave from there and placed me on a hold (which ended up in my involuntary admission) She also said that I have ”impulsivity associated with being psychotic” (?? Never heard of anything like that) and that I was paranoid.

The nurses thought I was hallucinating because of my demeanor (i don’t understand why, I was acting like I usually am which is calm and chill)

When I refused my meds one day they just threatened me with injections and said that if I don’t take the meds I would become worse or something like that

I, however, don’t feel like I’m psychotic at all and that they understood me wrong I’ve complained about that to the doctor but they think I’m in denial… they force me to take an Abilify injection :confused:

Sorry for posting this for the 10th time but I really need proper answers and not just some answers calling me dumb, psychotic, and a troll…

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