I now realise that I was crazy (false diagnosis of psychosis)

so yeah I talked with my doc today and came to the conclusion that I indeed was psychotic/delusional back then. it feels really hard to accept though… feels like my brain is broken or something
anyone like me?


I’m a teen with schizophrenia, and I went through similar things that you described in your earlier post. I just want to say that things do get better. I was not in a good place before medication, but after it started to work on a good dose, things became much clearer. The most important thing is that I learned to trust my support system, which includes family.


I had denialism for a little bit more than one year after my first psychotic episode, I didn´t know wtf was going on. It was very hard to tell apart the facts from the delusions and hallucinations. Nowadays I don´t remember too much about that period.

From the second episode I was more aware of what my brain can do and I immediately went to the doctor the first day I was ill. The positive symptoms were super vivid aswell, but I had my experience to back me up. For example, I did trust my doctor and close family in that scenario. Because of that, it was resolved earlier and my recovery was for about three weeks (maybe one full month).

Nevertheless I made a fool of myself (socially) in both scenarios.

It’s hard to accept it, but on the other hand it’s a relief to have a diagnosis

@Om_Sadasiva @dreamer54 yes I agree with you both, I just feel embarrassed now that I believed in those crazy things you get me?
:frowning: also I am only 15 so there is that

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I’m having a really hard time accepting that I have schizophrenia. I’m still in denial.

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