Faking it schizoaffective

I’m worried I faked my disease before and now I am confused about what reality is. But I really thought the reality was that schizophrenics act a certain way and that I really was schizophrenic. Now I feel I have no excuse for not knowing the truth.

Based on your past delusional posts, I’d be willing to bet money on your diagnosis being valid.


Just wanted to put my opinion in with Zombies, I agree. So that makes 2.

Unless you’ve been lying to all of us for years about your beliefs, I don’t think you’re a fake.


You fit in well here @flowers20


well somethings just be. I was diagnosed because I hadn’t worked in a year and somemonths. parents talked to my doctor and he asked me next apt how did i feel about him making a new diagnosis and i said fine. then at about 23 i began having symptoms. reality coming unglued. now i’ve had so much crazy time that i don’t doubt it. but really could have been my depression and anxiety at 21.

I just don’t think they would cut my hair that often since I’m blonde and they would have to dye my beard and I just don’t think that would happen. To be the dictator.

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