Facing Despair

Any and all encouragement will be much appreciated.

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Stay positive. Never give up hope!

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Thank you for making time to encourage me. It all hurts so much right now.

Life has its ups and downs. You’re most welcomed.

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Will anyone ever love me?

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Of course! If I can be loved anyone can be loved. The important thing is not to look for it. Just go out, be social (that’s the big one. You’ll never find love alone in your room!) and don’t look for it. Love is something you just step in. It’s like dog doo. Highly aromatic, squishy, you don’t see it coming, and it’s hell getting it off. Except love is a good thing.

Someone somewhere, has a crush on you right now. That’s what my cousin told me one time and it makes sense. With all the people you meet every day someone is bound to have a soft spot for you.

Are you a guy or a girl? The next thing I’m going to say really depends on that.

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Thanks for being so supportive. I’m a girl.

It’s probably going to be easier for you. I think that women usually have an easier time finding a date than guys do, but it’s harder after that. I don’t think a lot of girls have a good sense of self worth so you have to be careful not to sell yourself short.

My adviser in college said something interesting that I would follow if I didn’t already have someone. She said to let him be the one who chases you. We had a more professional relationship (I worked in the office she chaired while I was in college) but from what I saw she had a model husband. I did the same thing with C (I didn’t hear her advice on this until much later. It just worked out that way) and that’s worked out wonderfully so far.

Just be the best human being and mate that you can be when you find someone and be picky. Don’t settle for less than you’re worth and know that you’re worth a hell of a lot.

Thanks but I also have a physical limitation in addition to sz - seems hopeless much of the time.

Just remember that it doesn’t always have to be this way. Things can change. As for romance, I don’t know about your lifestyle, but you can’t find love if you don’t circulate. It will be less likely to happen if you stay in all the time. Try not to be needy about romance. That scares some guys off. Maybe it is better in most cases to let the guy pursue you. I could expound about gender roles and how both sexes need to experience the roles the other sex plays, but letting the guy pursue you is what seems to work most of the time.

I’m going through the same thing. Waking up to some nice support from you guys made my morning.

Remember most problems are a temporary ordeal you will see your way out eventually most things ain’t forever

My physical limitation is forever.

It could be a less horrible thing. There’s someone into everything. I mean everything, amputees, pregnant women, really short women, really tall women. Heck I have a friend that went on a date with a guy and he laid it out for her really plainly. Either she dyed her hair red or this wasn’t going to work.

Heck you might get more affection when you find that right person. I like to think the way I am, how I’ve adapted to this illness and how I manage it is endearing. That right person will think the same of you.