Some day, somebody will love you

if nobody loves you, now.
That thought keeps me going.


Thanks PinCushion, I love hedgehogs <3

I am the opposite, the thought crashes me HARD because my inhibitions kick in and fu**ing take me to depression town faster than I can blink if I so much as vent the idea. You have to believe a thought to be comforting, I don’t. The max I can go is telling myself that not all hope is lost and there’s still an 0.1% chance that somebody will love me in the future and I can work today to get that number higher tomorrow, and maybe it will go all the way up to 1% one day.

I am a firm believer in setting realistic expectations and finding a partner is not a realistic goal for me, it’s a pipe dream.

I want romantic love in 2024

I didn’t mean just romantic love. Just the idea that someone is thinking about me.

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Unfortunately my subconscious doesn’t allow me to feel any kind of non-romantic love unless I am feeling romantic love, so it’s not something I can appreciate on its own without romantic love being in the equation beyond the cognitive appreciation of somebody caring about me. Basically to feel the love of my mom or to feel love towards my mom(the feeling, not the implications which are present whether I feel something or not) I need to have a girlfriend or my brain just refuses to do that part of its job unless I really put in a significant effort feeling sad or angry, which isn’t exactly a viable solution. The only way I can feel love or loved at baseline is to be in a relationship, it’s sad but it’s what I’m working with.

Find something to love along the way can help maybe.

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It’s a nice thought @PinCushion , thanks.

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