Facebook in your face

My latest delusion is that facebook is in your face and you can do status updates by thinking them. I also had a conversation tonight where a girl at work was saying one thing, but in my mind I was having a conversation with her and her eyes were following along with the conversation in my mind. Any explanations? Can this be possible? It seemed so real…

wow that would scare me too

sounds like a delusion, you may have to tell your doctor or nurse about this and just try to ignore it if you can, try and distract yourself or do something when you feel this way. (play music. make tea, go for a walk) etc

if you are talking to someone and that happens i think you could get found out if you are not paying attention and thinking that and that could be a bit awkward, its really hard to help with this so all i can suggest is to just talk to your care team.

hope it works out x

no. it can’t b real. a computer so far needs to b programmed manually so u can’t update ur status by thinking about it. i have had those conversations too where i’ll b talking to some one out loud and i’ can hear their voice in my head aswell. it’s crap hunni. just plain old brain malfunction. go c ur shrink and adjust or change ur meds. good luck. xxx


Sounds like a typical day before in when I was 19 and unmedicated…I got used to it, I was studying psychology (actually in the honors program for it) so I knew the chemistry and brain systems which were faulty when I was experiencing these sorts of things. I was disturbed and kept to myself, but I did function quite highly for someone with schizophrenia, my docs always told me that. Just remember its ■■■■■■■■ from your brain, our brains basically give us ■■■■■■■■ to work with. Try different meds, recovery is possible, it takes trial and error with meds, but is very possible.

im on geodon now, but i think next month ill switch to something else. i dont wanna hear voices anymore… do you still hear voices on your meds? if not what are you on? id like to try something with some results.

get found out like theyll find out im a schiz? yeah, thatd be weird, id be afraid that they wouldnt look at me the same. so far, i hate hearing voices, mine are always mean to me. theyre never nice, i hate them.

i meant you could get found out that you were not paying attention to what she said and she might realize and that could be awkward x

all my friends on facebook know i hear voices and they don’t give a ■■■■. they’re still my friends. i only ever had one bad response and i told him that i hoped his dick turned gangrenous and his balls dropped off. funnily enough, i haven’t heard anything back lol. but seriously, all of my friends r very supportive. xxx

Oh, sadly I can hear both at the same time. :confused: