Please help

Sometimes nervous around other people and think they can read my thoughts. Now life is in danger and need your guy’s help.

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Always make the wrong people upset at me please help.

You’re alright, if you think that your mere thoughts have turned people against you. The world judges you by your actions, not your thoughts.

You’ve probably done nothing wrong, but you have fears and delusions messing with your mind. Please find good treatment for that.


I had this before. All you need is the right help for it. See a doctor since it’s bothering you.

They definitely can’t read your mind although it may seem like they are. Nobody can hear your thoughts except yourself.

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My life is really in danger could you please help?

How is it in danger? Are you feeling like a target individual?

I used to feel like that during the prodromal schizophrenia phase. I still feel a little bit like that now but I know it’s a delusion.

Yes, I’m a targeted individual by someone in the military.

I thought the military and government were working together to subdue me with the supposed brain chip I had, but time and treatment gradually unravelled the delusion.

Odds are 100% that you’ve done nothing wrong and have just woven a fantastical story in your mind about how you’re a wanted criminal because of some thoughts you’ve had. I know how real the delusions feel, but you really need good treatment to make them go away.

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@naturallycured just have people watching me and telling me I’m going to die, I worry a lot. Also worry about my friends.

I know how it is with the negative voices / hallucinations. Just do your best to ignore / filter them out, it’s just bullcrap.

One good way to do this is wear noise isolating earbuds, like the Bose Quiet Comfort 20. It’s expensive though ($300) so you might want to try before you buy. I hear it can muffle / mute someone talking to you from 10 feet away.

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I am sorry @see121 .
I love you dearly.:heart:


I thought people were trying to get me to commit suicide at one time. Haldol fixed that thought really quick.


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