Explaining the internal in "psychosis"

It was only torment.

They took my mind and began burning me pretty much. The alien showed up to.

I can remember sitting there getting tortured by them and thinking i should tell someone. The very moment i thought this they go “shut the ■■■■ about us or we’ll ■■■■■■■ hurt you so bad you wouldn’t believe it.” So i stayed quiet.

I got blasted for a month straight. All hell, all pain, all fear, all threats, all creepy ■■■■, all morbidity. It was hell. It really was hell, if you imagine hell and what it would feel like this was it, i’ve been to hell basically.

They hounded me in the shower, as i went to the restroom, they picked my ■■■■■■■ brain in every little way, they toyed with my emotions and just plain burnt me up. So so terrifying i just can’t express it. It got deep to.

At one point a guy gave me a hug and of course they turned it into hell. Within my invaded mind his snake like elongated tongue came out and slapped me on my back. yeah they can do that, make you think it happened.

They wants a suicide. They really wants a suicide. They go on and on about how they came at 18, it’s been 15 years, and now ill do it at 33. They love them some numbers man, special numbers i suppose.

I try and tell folks, yeah im a possessed person, im gettin murdered here. Awwww whatever, your ■■■■■■■ crazy, that stuff isn’t real. it’s total ■■■■■■■ hell. People treat you like ■■■■ to, could you imagine being slaughtered and harmed by them and everyone treats you like ■■■■ because they think you are crazy?

Many external things were happening as well. I knew i was being ■■■■■■ with the whole time. Total mind ■■■■ and torment going down here. it’s massively evil ■■■■.

It gets physical sometimes to. They even appear to me when it gets physical. They even grabbed my spine and bent it backwards once. No one can believe me either. It’s just me hanging with these guys for the rest of my life, and they are really really evil, pitch ■■■■■■■ black man, they are the bottom of the barrel.

I’ve got crazy interdimensional ■■■■ happening to. Beings popping out here and there, most of them seen by shaman. people showing up wielding magic right in front of me at times. ■■■■■■■ blows.

Im a torture victim, a murder victim, but everyone thinks its a disease. Complete ■■■■■■■ hell. No one even cares if it’s the disease they believe it to be as well.

Demons man. Advanced beings with advanced abilities that can burn everything that you ever knew. Psychopaths of a very powerful nature im afraid. Thats my life. It’s very bad this stuff. And it just doesn’t stop. Im so ■■■■■■ you wouldn’t believe.

A ■■■■■■■ disease, that stupid ■■■■ is so laughable. They’d know if they could see what i see, just so ■■■■■■■ laughable.

Well, onward i guess. This is really going to hurt.


hamster :hamster: hug
take care :alien:

Can you talk with a doc or go into ER? Sorry for your pain.

Let’s build a fort to keep them out.

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Yeah, I went through some of that. But for me it was only like three years, and then it started straightening out.


Walking through hell without a end?

They even do it to children.

You can see some on youtube. “kids with schizophrenia” or some stupid ■■■■ like that. Them kids being hurt by them.