Kinda P.Oed at my therapist

Been seeing him for about a year and all of a sudden they started community visits. He came to my house, and acted like he was shocked when he came in. I asked him what was wrong, and he said how amazed he was.
He then told me he wasn’t expecting my house to be so clean or nice. That sort of made me feel insulted. After he talked to me for a bit, he asked about some of the things I have built, so I took him to my workshed and showed him the robot I had runnable, and one I was just starting on.
He just acted weird the entire time.

My last appointment was in the office, so I went to it, and he just started talking about how he hadn’t really believed all the things I had told him over the last year, and he wasn’t expecting what he saw.
I’d never given this man a reason to not believe me, so I am pretty ticked right now.
UUGGGHHHH it just really irritates me to deal with people, especially medical personnel, that think since you have a mental illness you can’t do anything or take care of yourself.
I have worked HARD to get my house, my car, and to learn how to do my hobbies. Probably a lot harder than a 'normal" person. Just really infuriated right now.


My first CPN mortally offended my mum. I was fresh out of hospital and staying with my parents. The CPN came in for the first time and the first thing she said was, ‘oh this is a clean house’.

I remember I was out of my tree psychotic and suicidal and was turned away from hospital because I wasn’t acting crazy enough. Not being believed sure is fun times.

I hope that they will never see my bedroom… :slight_smile:

My therapist/psychologist wanted to meet outside the office because it’s some new requirement to meet in new places.
I always say “No”.

That happened to me my last meltdown, @everhopeful!

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My worst fear is not being believed by mental health professionals because in person I seem very charming and completely normal. I could be going through absolute hell mentally and emotionally and still seem perfectly outwardly normal. I’ve also had a history of my parents not believing me when I’d tell them about things I was going through. But somehow I’ve gotten really lucky in that I have never had that experience, I am always taken seriously. It is a great relief to me.


Yeah, @Anna, and I think maybe it’s partly even because I don’t look my age, either!

The first thing my new psychiatrist said when I walked in was “You’re 22?? You’re too young to have any troubles yet!” It’s something my parents used to say to me too, you’re too young to have any real problems.

Someone who is 5 years old even can have experienced a lot of suffering. Why is age even taken into account in this situation? I’ve gone through more hell than my mom ever has and she’s almost 50.

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Yeah someone in AA said “is this your first meeting?” I said no. He says “But you’re new here huh” and I say “I’ve been here before, but I’m newly back here”. And he says “You’re too young to have been here before”.

Like I’ve met people at AA meetings who are 16 years old. I was 26 when that happened. I could have been there for 10 years…unrealistically…but possible.

Your scenario I find a little more insulting because its mental health rather than substance abuse but similar concepts I guess.


The part that just drives me totally up the wall is that I’ve been meeting him this long and he ignores that when I show up I’m clean, in clean clothes, and usually on the ball when discussing whatever we are supposed to work on that week. I just feel like I’m being stereotyped. Getting tired of it. This hasn’t been the first time I have been pissed at him either. Beginning to think I need to find a new provider.

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