Why did I get the sense that my psychiatrist was almost a little uneasy around me? ps. I'm very nice :)

Her body language was such that she thought I could be unpredictable. Surely they understand the myth that we are dangerous or unpredictable is just that, a myth? It seems the stigma is alive even for mental health professionals.


Not all mental health pros are equal.


My pdocs act absolutely confident around me. And I appreciate that. Of course they are both male so, they have nothing to fear from me. As a female, and a rather weak one at that, I can’t harm either one of them, even if I wanted to.

I was impressed when my therapist didn’t blink when I yelled and slammed my fists into the couch about something. She is very nonthreatened by me. I don’t think she sees me as any kind of imposing presence, myths or no myths.


I’ve been to docs that thought I was dangerous just for breathing. Unfortunately it happens

People’s body language is easily misinterpreted. Don’t read too much into it :slight_smile: have you known them long?


Well, the obvious answer is that he is nervous around schizophrenics in general, no matter how nice they are. You may never know why. He might have had bad experiences with them in the past or like you say, his own prejudices might be spilling over and they are showing through his professional manner.

My cbt therapist flinched when I moved my arm once I always remember that.

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I’m like a rock, the only way they could get hurt is if they fall on me…

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I had a doctor once put her arms in front of her face when I stood up to shake her hand.


Lol I can totally relate

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