Experience on Abilify?

I just spoke with my med provider and they are switching me from 10mg of Zyprexa to 10mg of abilify and if the pill form doesn’t work they will try the monthly injection. Has anyone had experience with this med? Does it also make you gain weight like Zyprexa?

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No weight gain. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Its like taking a pill filled with air

i became psychotic switching from zyprexa to abilify

everyone is different

I hope your successful Niko

Im taking 20mg Zyprexa with Abilify, transitioning, started at 2mg Abilify for 5 days now up to 5mg started yesterday, up untill 10 mg Abilify in 5 more days then theyll decrease my 20mg Zyprexa slowly.
My experience is good, stable on Zyprexa but have blood work problem, reason to change medication.
No other symptom with Abilify combo Zyprexa, i feel great, no weight gain it just stays the same as i take Zyprexa. Hope to loose weight with excersise when ill be off completely from Zyprexa. I take Zyprexa night time and Abilify day time.

Both worked about the same for me (not well enough), but I gained less weight on Abilify. I still haven’t lost my Zyprexa weight.

Abilify made me extremely bored and caused drug addiction and gambling addiction. I also had zero sex drive.

Some people have good experiences with it, some don’t , we all different

I haven’t had much weight gain personally. Works pretty good for me. I’m on 10mg as well and it seems manageable

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My experience of Abilify has been quite positive. For me, zero side effects and it seems to do what it is meant to do. A very clean medication

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Are you still on it? Abilify

@BowlOfChips yes I am still on Abilify. I’m actually going to talk to my doctor soon about putting it up another 2.5 mg. That will bring me to 10 mg a day

This is lower than the usual, but I am hypersensitive to medications

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I’m on 10mg of Abilify. Was on the Invega shot. I gained lots of weight on Invega. I have lost a little bit on Abilify but am still pretty overweight. For me it does the trick as far as positive symptoms go.


abilify is terrible I had reduced appetite and was walking like a zombie my walk was slow and also delusions kept coming in

I took the pill, the injection, and its close relative airisada and they made me shop… Really bad

Same, about a week after quitting zyprexa and starting abilify I started have visual hallucinations. But while I was on Abilify I had no side effects.

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Zombie thread, its since february over 6 months ago lol

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I had tardive dyskinesia on 10mg abilify 13 days in. It may work for you.

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