From Zyprexa to Abilify

So im going of Zyprexa and starting abilify.
Im happy for that.
Kinda tired of clubhouse and wanna do something new, but dont know what.
Sometimes im depressed.
I also have stomach pain that i got med for.
First pill abilify today, feeling tired.
Hoping i Will feel better soon.


Good luck with it. I hope it goes well.

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I feel better already.
Depression is better.


abilify had a much better impact on my insight than Zyprexa did. I know everyones different but im glad youre feeling good and I hope it continues. Peace

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Second week, now on 10 mg,
Zyprexa withdrawal… headache and stuff. Muscle pain from abilifyn i think.
Dont know yet If its good for me.

I hope abilify works for you. I was on seroquel and abilify. Once I started on abilify I became extremely agitated and had rage outbursts. Since then I’ve switched to Invega. And just recently started taking rexulti. It’s different for everyone. Hopefully you have success with it.

I read abilify is The most used AP.

I made this transition a few years ago.
Had really bad insomnia, but other than that things went pretty well.

Olanzapine 20mg freed me from psychosis completely, but i ballooned about 15kg in a very short time.
Still on aripiprazole.

I see.
Do you like abilify

Yeah it’s good. The most tolerable of them all probably.
For a while I wanted to change it, but my pdoc was resistant so i gave up on that idea.
Keep in mind that some folks take it in the morning and other before bed.

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I’m on abilify maintena a few years now. Came off of zyprexa injections. Best decision i ever made

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Im now on week 3.
Too early to say If its The drug for me.
Im still bad on nights with racing thoughts.
I dont know why im bad just on nights?
Like whats The trigger?