Abilify questions

I was prescribed Abilify yesterday and now I’m having a lot of anxiety about it.

Can you tell me your honest exprerience with this drug?

I’ve taken in before, but its been 12 years so I really have no idea if it worked and what the side effects were,

Right now, I just don’t want to take it.

How long before you started to notice a difference?

Did you gain weight?

Were there sexual side effects?

Do you feel anxious or sedated?

Please tell me!

I did not gain weight on Abilify. I actually got a pretty good increase of physical strength from it. It did make me feel anxious. I noticed a difference within a day. They eventually had to take me off it because it got me too amp’ed up.

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That makes sense,

I’m feeling very anxious and weird today.

Thank you for your input!

Yes it was great for positive symptoms
But anxiety was unbearable


I would listen to your doctor and take the Abilify.
As far as APs go, it’s a relatively safe med.
I was able to lose a lot of weight while I was on Abilify.

Lots of people are taking Abilify.
It’s a very popular med.

It’s worth a shot!


Worry about the side effects if they happen. Everybody’s different.


My personal experience was I tried it on a 60mg dose for a month trial period. By the third week I decided it wasn’t suited for me because I felt far too restless and agitated on it (Akathisia). When, for example I was seated, a few minutes would pass and I would immediately get the sensation that I had to stand up again. Indeed, I felt quite uncomfortable throughout the day on this dose. It is an activating anti-psychotic rather than a sedating one so perhaps this explains these side-effects. On a much lower dose I have seen it help people with transient psychotic symptoms. I hope it is a perfect ap for you.

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I was on it for 3 years and it was really good. I didn’t put weight on but I didn’t lose any either. What I found is because its not a very potent antipsychotic they had to increase the dose when my psychosis returned so I ended up on the maximum dose of 400mg. When they couldn’t give me any more they changed me onto invega. I had no sexual sides effects on it. Its a clean drug because I experienced no negative effects apart from it not being very strong.

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Getting up to 60 mg in one month seems really irresponsible of your doctor. That’s a really high dose to begin with, but starting out at that dose is just mean. No wonder you had such a bad experience!

I just had breathing problems in the beginning but now I take cogentin with abilify. It doesn’t get rid of every symptom.but I like the med

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I don’t take it anymore but I took it for a couple years, mostly in pill form but was on the injection for a little while too.

I didn’t gain weight at all on it.

I had no sexual side effects.

It did make me more anxious, and had pretty bad akathisia on it which also worsened my insomnia. I wouldnt have been able to stay on it that long without taking a benzo.

I didn’t find aripiprazole sedating at all.

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Of all the ap’s I’ve tried, risperdal, geodon, and possibly others I can’t remember at the time, I’ve noticed fewer changes under this drug than any other. It did put a stop to many of my delusions and my delusional spiral downward. And also helps my paranoia. I didn’t notice a weight gain (I gained weight anyway, because I was being a lazy pig, not the medication I was on.).

I actually feel more lucid under abilify than I have in many years before. It’s been good for me.

I’d say try not to worry, but stay vigilant to any side effects anyway.

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I was on Abilify 5 mg for 2 years.

In the beginning when I first took it, it gave me horrible anxiety, and I slept too much. I remember sleeping for a very long time and going to bed at 6-7 pm evenings and eating a lot.

Then slowly I got better, it took me 2 months to actually come back to reality after taking the medication. Then for two years I was fine, with a mediocre life, still recovering from the psychosis.

I wanted to gamble too much, which was very weird for someone like me to go to the casino every weekend or buy lottery tickets.

I also had the binge eating, I would get so restless I would not stop eating, I became the heaviest on that medication a total of 80 kg in 2 years. I gained 1-2 kg per month.

Then there was the sexual side effects.

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I lost some weight this time with the increased dose. I am hungry all the time but I can’t eat at the sight of food. But everyone is different.

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I still recommend it for you to try it.

I also took the injection of 15 mg of Abilify per day, which was so much better than the pill and almost had no side effects, other than the laziness and lack of initiative.

But still it took away my delusions, helped me think clearly and took me out of psychosis.

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anxiety agitation and akathisia. i also had cognitive impairment or dulling. cut the dose in half, most of those issues are gone or lessened somewhat.


It has been really good for me

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