Exhausted by voices

anyone feeling exhausted after hearing voices?


my mind is burning

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voices tell me to cut myself or kill myself. that I am a burden and I should kill myself.

I have a demon inside me that wants to make me kill myself.

Honestly if I heard that kinda stuff on a regular basis I wouldn’t know how to cope with it. I usually just hear random stuff or my name, sometimes phrases.

Yes it is exhausting. Tell them that you’re in control because you can do stuff and they’re stuck in your head

I hear voices when i am anxious. now I am anxious…

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but she is so powerful. she is like a goddess.

I could tell a long story about my voices and how I got in control, but needless to say: you are the most powerful and they can’t hurt you cause you’re invincible

thx for the support mate.

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Don’t give in to the voices, you can’t let them win.

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when I am anxious I no longer control my mind. it acts by itself. I will win hopefully

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Keep hope alive.

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I’m fortunate enough to not hear voices but I believe it is very hard for those who hear voices to concentrate or sleep.

Don’t be afraid to let them attack an imagined avatar of you, if they do they’ll see you’re invincible


fortunately I don’t hear them all the time.


Are you on meds?

on risperidone 8mg… but when I am anxious nothing can prevent them

Do they have invega by you?

I tried invega but I had paranoia so I kept taking risperidone… are you on invega?