Exercising reduces depression

I have found out that my bicycle riding reduces depression, sometimes when I feel depressed I do not stay still in my thoughts, but I go bicycle riding. In this bicycling my thoughts are more positive and it helps me to cope with depression. Anybody else having similar experiences?

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Yes, going out on bike rides helps me a lot. I should probably be doing it everyday.


Very much so I push myself walk 40 min every morning unless weather bad or get up late. It really helps mood and clearer more positive thinking


I started going to the gym after a long hiatus. I’ve noticed a little bit of additional motivation (though not in the mornings).


nice job,hopefully you continue it for long,exercising helps

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Exercise is excellent for depression, anxiety, heart health, weight loss, metabolism etc…
One does not have to join a gym or invest in expensive equipment to reap the rewards - A simple walk of 10 - 15 minutes a day has some benefits. I try to walk for half an hour - 1 mile a day


*Sometimes I really have to push myself—but dancing and aerobics really work for my mood.

Yes , biking is one of the few activities that makes me feel free from everything including sz

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I use to bike ride a lot and it helped with my mood and gave me a break from my problems. It has been a while since I have been on my bike but I need to start riding it again. It just stinks that winter is coming it will be to cold to ride then.

I’m not very steady on a bike… but I swim a lot.

The endorphins… getting more blood flow to the brain, just feeling good for having done something healthy… keeping the weight off… It’s all good.

Hope you keep going… :thumbsup:


yes,exercise is the way to go… really helps to improve the thinking…in my opinion

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I went to play basketball yesterday instead of working out alone,it feels better to join other people but I lose out on some muscle mass,lol


Walking to town 35 minutes each way has helped me a lot.

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I used to suffer pms and I’ve cracked it with exercise. Now it much more manageable

During my last psychosis, I started to rigidly excercise on a daily basis as soon as I started hallucinating. I wasn’t taking medication at the time, and wanted to see how it developed without.

I started off each day by running for half an hour. It increased my mood dramatically and for the large part, that psychosis was a very cheerful one. Although my hallucinations were bothering me, it was easier to ignore them and their content wasn’t very threatening. For several weeks, I even experienced a sort of opposite phenomenon of paranoia: instead of getting the feeling that people everywhere were after me, or that they were staring at me like something is wrong with me, I had the experience of many people looking at me very open, friendly and interested in a positive way. People also looked more beautiful to me. Instead of the hostile world I was used to from psychosis, it was a happy and beautiful world I was inhabiting at the time.

Personally I think these positive psychotic experiences were very much influenced by exercise, combined with the dopamine kick. Since I went from basically all inactive to a daily exercise it was quite a big change. I also noticed that in this psychosis, my attention was focused much more outwardly than in an earlier one. I had much more attention and awe for the outer world. In the end, it was a lack of sleep that turned everything into paranoia and I decided to go for the meds, but for the main part, I believe it was exercise that gave me a very cheerful episode of psychosis, in which I experienced some of the happier moments of my life.

I wonder if I could make it without med’s if I exercised, did transcendental meditation, and cut way down on my caffeine consumption. Oh well, I think I’ll just stay on my med’s.

During these winter months the sunlight does not give one so much energy and I have found out that especially during these months the daily exercise routine can help in the fight against depression. But soon the summer of 2015 is coming, just in four months.