Exercise is key!

Don’t sleep folks. Nothing will make you feel better than working up a good sweat. It’s good for the mind body and soul.

Try it and be amazed…


Yes. I feel the same way. I do 20 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week. My days go so much better when I make it into the gym.

I wish more people on this site would figure this out…


It’s easy to get into lazy habits.

I go for a short walk everyday.

It’s not enough. You gotta get sweaty! Probably at least 30 mins with some walking/ jogging mixed together.

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I ride my bicycle regularly. I do not own a car and so I need to bicycle to get my things done. I try to bicycle at least 4000 km a year. Exercising is very good in order to counter depression, it is good for the mind and it is also good if one suffers from diabetes or other illnesses.

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Some of us can’t exercise

Due to meds.

I will try pilates when I get the space to. Dunno if I’ll sweat though

Get the proper amount of sleep, but don’t spend all day on the couch is how I’d put it. Important to exercise regularly.

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