Do you exercise?

Do you exercise?How often,and do you think it helps?


I exercise 5 days out of the week sometimes twice a day. It helps a lot for anxiety and depression because, it releases chemicals that makes you happy


I move heavy stuff all day at work, so that is my workout, keeps the body in shape


I try walk every day sometimes for an hour on Sunday I don’t exercise
I don’t like gym I only like fresh air and exercise so I rely on the weather


I workout for one and half hour daily for a month.I used to workout the same way from 2012-2017,stopped for a year and now I am back to this routine and hopefully I will never stop and prioritize it since it really is beneficial

I chose playing football over working out and I find that my mental health deteriorates.Playing pickup football is fun,but it can never replace a workout in terms of intensity and the feeling afterwards…


Sunlight is good for mental health…

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Definitely 15Char

I try but don’t do much and not often enough. I believe in it though. great for you.

judy :grinning::yum:


Yes and yes!!!

Not at the moment. But since ive gained 60 pounds in 2 years (sitting at 192) ill be jogging in the spring. Too cold right now and i dont like gyms. But i remember in the fall when i went for bike rides it gave me a mild mood lift for the rest of the day.

in season I exercise. spring summer and fall, then take a break during winter. I lift at home for about an hour, stretch my legs, and then go for a 20 minute run. that’s it.

I lift weights 2-3 times a week, with the side effects from the APs it mostly just keeps me in normal shape. I wish I had the energy to do more, or that creatine wouldnt make me so sick

I’m confused, you workout every day? How do you have the energy for this?

No, but i use my feet and bicycle a lot to get to places (near daily). I dont feel it helps for anything except saving costs for a car. Im still depressed and chubby. Sorry, not in an optimistic mood.

I exercise as much as i can, my muscles and my mind, i flex my brain as much as i can, if my brain was a person it would be Hulk Hogan or The Rock or something lol, its Strong but it needs its daily intake of medicine to function, i guess my meds are my batteries lol

Yes. I do about 35 minutes of Hatha yoga every day. It completely takes away my bodily pain and makes my 59 year old self feel about 30.

I also play piano for 60 minutes every day. That is also a workout.

I am dieting and go for walk many times a week

I go into the fresh air and alternate that with some mild gentle Pilates for a bit

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I mountain bike 1 or 2 times a week between 1 hour and 2 hours. And sometimes workout at home for 20mins up to 3 times a week


I exercise every day. It helps me to feel better.

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