Exercise for severe mental illness: new review finds few benefits

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There are many ideas people try to treat the severely ill. I really think the only thing that’ll help someone severely ill is medication. Talk, exercise, vitamins, etc are all good in a general sense for anyone but when someone is really ill only medication can bring them back to a point where the other stuff is going to have any effect.


Exercise programmes can lead to an improvement in exercise activity but had no significant effect on symptoms of mental health or body weight.

How odd, no effect on body weight? That flies in the face of common sense.

I think if you relied on exercise alone you would have to do a lot before losing a few pounds. I guess exercise might tone you but not slim you.

I like this article, but I do agree first the person needs to get some stability under their belt and then I could see exercise as way to help maintain that stability.

I know when I was stable, exercise was my main coping strategy. I trained for marathons, the structure and repetition of it kept me sane.

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Before I was diagnosed sz I went through a period of a few years of rigorous exercise and meditation. I was stable then. I have wondered if I went back on rigorous exercise and meditation I could get off the med’s. I doubt it.

I’ve read this before. Think about it - the average pound of fat is 3600 calories - do you know how long it would take to burn that off? Much better just eating less.

Also - some articles on why this is:

The Truth About Exercise and Your Weight- Find out how fitness really factors in.

You might feel better though, if you do this.

Interesting. One always hears about diet & exercise for weight loss. Who knew the exercise doesn’t help? Learn something new every day.

Exercise does help however it will work best combined with a healthy eating habit.

I didn’t know the average point of fat is 3600 calories. Nice to know.

I honestly think - this is my personal opinion that exercise is overrated, especially for those of us that are mentally ill.
I mean I do think that the right diet is important, probably more important than exercise. I mean exercise won’t mean much if the person is on a diet of twinkies and soda. If you stay pretty active - walking or moving more, this seems realistic.
Because of my depression and low motivation it is really difficult for me to even walk one mile in one shot. I try to keep active, walking or moving more, this is realistic for me. Because these meds raise blood sugar levels, eating healthier seems more important than running for 10 miles straight! God, I dont know where these people get their motivation from.
My meds and mental state makes motivation difficult to achieve

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My weight got away from me this winter. It was so friggin’ cold that walking and snow-shoeing weren’t an option. Trying to get back on top of it. I was under 200 lbs last fall. My health and mental stability are at their best when I’m on top of my diet and engaging in daily, regular intensive exercise. It’s what I personally need to get back to.



I just exercised today, hadnt in like months besides work. was in a deep depression past little bit was sleeping 12hrs + a day and watching tv or computer for the time I was awake.

Exercise seems to get me out of a funk but it usually takes days of working up to the idea of exercising when im in a really low mood. but never the less , i exercised then i actually showered , changed clothes and picked the clothes up off my floor, so i am feeling a bit better today :smile:

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It is hard to lose a pound of body fat, but a person can lose much more much quicker by perspiring body fluids. Amateur wrestlers and boxers lose large amounts of weight in a matter of days by sweating out the fluids. You gain the weight back when you drink water. One time when I wrestled in high school I gained twelve pounds overnight because I was so dehydrated and then drank so much liquid. I went from 115 lbs. to 127 lbs. I increased my body weight by ten per cent overnight.